8011 Hydrophone

    Manufacturer Description

    The DPA 8011 Hydrophone is an underwater omnidirectional microphone designed to capture audio clearly and accurately while submerged. The highly sensitive 8011 utilizes a piezoelectric sensing element. Its contoured frequency response is designed to match the special acoustic conditions under water.

    A 32-foot (10 meter) XLR cable is vulcanized directly to the body of the hydrophone and the electronically balanced output stage delivers more than 100dB dynamic range. The 8011 hydrophone is the ultimate choice for underwater audio capturing in feature film, broadcasts, sound design and more.

    Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
    The omnidirectional polar pattern captures in 360 degrees for incredible panoramic style audio capturing.

    Accurate Underwater Reproduction
    The frequency response is contoured to compensate for underwater acoustics.

    High Dynamic Range
    The output is electronically balanced and offers more than 100 dB dynamic range.

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