DCN‑DISCS Discussion Unit with Channel Selector

    Manufacturer Description

    The Discussion Unit with Channel Selector enables participants to speak, register a request-to-speak and listen to the speaker. A socket is provided to connect the pluggable microphones (DCN-MICS and DCN- MICL, to be ordered separately). The unit has a built-in channel selector that makes it suitable for discussions in which more than one language is used and simultaneous interpretations are available. The channel selector includes two up and down channel select keys and a display showing the number and the abbreviation of the languages, enabling rapid selection of the required language channel. Functions
    • Headphone output level reduction to prevent acoustic feedback (active when listening to the floor and when microphone is on).
    • The built-in loudspeaker speaker is muted when the microphone is on to prevent acoustic feedback.
    • A variety of rims (DCN-DISR, to be ordered separately) are available, so the unit can be matched to the interior
    • The unit can be used a delegate unit or as a chairman unit (DCN-DISBCM chairman buttons, to be ordered separately)
    • To lock the loop-through cable, a cable clamp is available (DCN-DISCLM, to be ordered separately) • The unit is available in light and dark colored bases
    Controls and Indicators
    • Alphanumeric display for language channel selection with number and abbreviated channel name
    • Socket for pluggable microphones (DCN-MICS or DCN-MICL)
    • Microphone button with a red, green or yellow illuminated ring. Red indicates microphone is active, green indicates request-to-speak accepted, and yellow indicates ‘VIP’
    • VIP indicator is lit when the delegate is part of the notebook (only available if PC Software is used)
    • Headphones have volume control buttons
    • Recessed ‘De-init’ switch Interconnections
    • Socket for pluggable microphone
    • Two 3.5 mm (0.14 in) stereo jack type headphones sockets

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