A1 Mainframe Amplifier

    Manufacturer Description

    The A1 mainframe is designed for use with d&b’s active systems and is housed in a 3 rack unit high, 19" rack mount enclosure. The mainframe incorporates power supplies for the controllers and mainframe electronics, two power amplifiers, softstart, monitoring and protection circuits with the associated indicators and all connectors. All functions can be remotely interrogated and altered via the d&b Remote Interface Bridge (RIB). The mainframe accepts a single exchangeable controller module which determines both the type and number of loudspeakers which can be driven.

    The A1 power amplifier consists of two separate channels of differing output power. The high power channel handles the low frequencies or subwoofers and the lower power channel the high frequencies. The amplifier is comprehensively protected against overheating and connection to inappropriate or faulty loads, has a high peak output current capability and a low feedback internal gain structure. Speaker ID protects wrongly connected speakers from possible damage. d&b SenseDrive electronics maintains maximum damping factor with complex loads, and improves low frequency transient performance when using long speaker cables.

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