7301 Power Amplifier

    Manufacturer Description

    The Crest Audio 7301 is a two rack space, compact power amplifier specifically designed for use in bi-amplified systems, including stage monitor, studio monitor and front-of-house applications. The low frequency channel (Ch. A) utilizes class H operation, which increases efficiency and yields higher output power on the low end. The high frequency channel (Ch. B) utilizes class AB operation which is optimized for precise reproduction of mid and high-frequency signals.

    For bi-amped systems, the Crest Audio 7301 is unmatched in quality, efficiency and sonic accuracy. When used in combination with a crossover (including those available in the Crest Audio Octal Socket Accessory line), the 7301 becomes a complete bi-amplification system, in a space-efficient package.

    The 7301 is fully compatible in design with the other Crest Audio Professional Series amplifiers, Octal Socket Accessories, and the NexSys® computer controlled audio system.

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