Cognito2 Lighting Control Console

    Manufacturer Description

    Cognito2 offers easy and intuitive programming that makes control over incandescent dimmers, moving lights and color-changing LEDs a breeze.
    Cognito2™ solves the complex task of programming shows that include incandescent dimmers, moving lights, and color-changing LED fixtures. Cognitofeatures a streamlined, natural language interface to guide you through selecting lights, adjusting their attributes, and recording reference libraries, memories and cues.  Once programmed, the show is played back manually or by using show control, time code or scripting inputs. With up to two universes of control and a new display output for a high definition external monitor, Cognitois quickly becoming the go-to console for small to medium size churches, schools and other halls of public assembly. Features:
    • Up to 1024 channel outputs directly from console
    • Output for optional HD1080 high definition external monitor
    • No hard limits on number of memories, cues, chases or playbacks
    • Pathport Protocol, ANSI E1.31 sACN, Art-Net, KiNET
    • Fanless, convection cooling means silent operation
    • Natural language control uses “real-world” terms and labels instead of channel numbers and data-level values
    • Continually maintained fixture library, currently with over 2000 commonly available, multiple-attribute lights
    • Context-sensitive Help Overlays provide assistance without interrupting work flow
    • Two playbacks, each with intensity fader, Go and Pause buttons
    • More than 20 simultaneous virtual playlists or chases
    • One external and three internal timecode clocks and astronomical or time clock event triggering
    • Four pushbuttons for selection of Intensity, Color, Position and Shape attribute families
    • Four pushbuttons access Release, Help, Edit and Record functions
    • Free downloadable off-line editor (OLE) for Windows or Mac

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