WDS Transmitter 200mw

    Manufacturer Description

    City Theatricals WDS Transmitter receives standard DMX 512 via its DMX INPUT connector, and broadcasts that DMX data as a radio signal Transmitter:

    • Power: 12V AC or DC, 500mA
    • Transmission capability: 512 channels of DMX 512 data.
    • Broadcast channels: 32, switch selectable via rotary BCD switch
    • Removable antenna

    The WDS Wireless Data System represents the latest innovation in wireless DMX 512 control technology. The WDS System is compact, durable, flexible, economical, and simple to use. DMX 512 control data from any standard DMX 512 console is input to the WDS Transmitter, which broadcasts it to the WDS Receiver (or Receivers). The WDS Receiver then outputs the signal as standard DMX 512 data, which can then be connected via standard cables to WDS 15A Dimmers or other devices such as moving lights, effects, etc.

    • Brand: City Theatrical
    • Lighting Control - Device Type: Wireless Distribution
    • Lighting Control - Control Protocol: DMX
    • Lighting Control - Output Capacity: 512 (1 Universe)
    • Lighting Control - Power: Auto-Switching 120-240v 50-60Hz

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