Studio Cool 4 x 55W Fluorescent Light

    Manufacturer Description

    The Cinelight Studio Cool fluorescent lighting systems are the newest way to have continuous lighting in your studio without the incredible heat generated by the old tungsten lights.      

    Studio Cool 4 x 55W is a soft light source, having constant color temperature and low energy consume without heat radiation. The unit is equipped with smooth, long life, high luminous efficiency tubes available in choice of 3200K (warm tubes) or 5600K (daylight tubes).      

    The fixture is equipped with an integrated professional ballast that ensures long life, very low noise, stable Kelvin color temperature, power factor n>0.95%, THD<15% and has an output driving frequency of 40khz to guarantee flicker-free performance.  The power plug  connects to the fixture  through IEC socket and to the wall socket through a CEE 7/4 (Schuko) plug. The power cord has a in-line ON/OFF illuminated switch.      

    Adjustable output via 2 on/off rocket switches located on the back panel of the fixture that control each group of 2 lamps. In this way the light output can be adjusted from 100% to 50% without changing the kelvin color temperature or making fluorescent lamps to flicker.      

    The Cinelight Studio Cool fixtures are the professional choice for all types of visual media production from photography to film and video work. This type of fluorescent lights are the most common TV lights on local and national TV stations. Can be used mounted on stands or suspended from the ceiling.      

    The Studio Cool series are recommended for permanent TV studio applications, interviews, TV shows, news, product presentations, chroma key and other events. Comparative with FloLight the Studio Cool has a slightly higher output and further throw thanks to specular mirrors on barndoors and interior reflector and deeper body..

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