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    The ChromaBatten50, this unit is 300mm (1ft) wide and is IP66 rated. ChromaBatten50 is powered and controlled from the ChromaZone, up to a maximum of 4 pieces can be driven from a ChromaZone12 (2 on the ChromaZone6) This impressive fixture is ideal for the architectural and entertainment markets to give an unlimited colour palette that can enhance building facades, water features and focal displays in to providing stunning colour in shows, concerts and themed environments. The ChromaBatten50 is a high-power LED fixture housed in a 300mm (1ft) IP66 linear enclosure with 16 x 3W high power LEDs Powered directly from our ChromaZone12 or ChromaZone6 control system Choice of three different LED populations from our Flagship TriColour RGB mixing devices to a range of Single and Custom Colours 16.8 million colours combinations with exceptional whites and pastels Choice of 8˚, 25˚ 45˚, 10x35˚, 10x90˚ or 90˚ (no lens) integrated lens plates LEDs and all components in our fixtures are chosen and driven to exceed a 100,000 hour design life

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