Chorus 1200 Quartz Followspot

    Manufacturer Description

    The Chorus 1200 Condensor; A follow-spot for the smaller theatre, school, stage and entertainment venue. Engineered from the Selecon Condenser 1200 Narrow, the Chorus offers all the essential operational features required of a follow-spot. 


    • An adjustable diaphragm which controls the size of the follow-spot beam.
    • Condenser lens optical system which is adjusted to set the beam angle and focus. Provides 1000 lux at 16m, spot focus. 
    • A braced yoke and platten spigot which ensures the follow-spot is rigid for smooth operation. 
    • Adjustable front and rear guide handles. 
    • Adjustable yoke so the follow-spot can be balanced to suit the operator’s requirements. 
    • A four colour manual changer which mounts on the front of the follow spot is available as an accessory. 

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