M-Type Monitor Board

    Manufacturer Description

    The M-Type Monitor Board provides a total of 28 sends that may be customer configured to provide up to 14 direct stereo sends from each channel, or a combination of direct and matrix outputs giving up to 52 separate outputs. Cadac’s design allows complete freedom of module layout, enabling the control surface to be adapted to suit each new production and allowing users to divide a system into smaller consoles for use on productions with restricted budgets.

    The M-Type provides engineers and rental companies with a flexible, well-integrated console for any show.

    The M-Type’s automation facilities are unequaled, giving monitor engineers access logically and quickly to all the key functions. The system can accommodate up to 10,000 Cues and 10 Local Memories, with PC-based storage of Input and Output Mutes, VCA Assignments, as well as all Insert and EQ Switches. Cadac’s unique motorized fader system is available as an option for inputs and/or VCA Masters. All the console’s controls are designed to aid the creative process, with Cadac’s attention to detail leaving the engineer free to concentrate on the task in hand.

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