C-FODM/FODM Fiber Optic/DVI Hybrid Cable with Converters

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    C-FODM/FODM Fiber Optic/DVI Hybrid Cable with Converters.

    Kramer’s all DVI cable system is constructed of high-performance hybrid cable containing fiber optic and copper wires terminated with DVI-D connectors on each end. They are designed to transmit DVI-D signals extremely long distances with pristine digital image quality video with the copper cable carrying additional data required for HDCP compliance.

    • Quality Construction - Kramer FODM cables comply with the DVI standard and support the DDC2B mode. They are very flexible and usually do not require external power, making them very “installer friendly”. Note: A FODM series cable is an active electronic product which, like any other, comes with a slight chance of needing removal or replacement in the future. Therefore, we suggest that these not be permanently fixed into installations as might be appropriate with an ordinary cable. If permanent installation is required, see our detachable equivalents such as the 610T/R, 602R/T, 621T/R or 622T/R.

    • HDCP Compliant.

    • High Resolution - Compatible with all DVI single link and HDTV standards up to 1080p and all VESA resolutions up to WUXGA (1920x1200) at 60Hz refresh rate with 1 pixel/clock mode.

    • Flexible Power Options - Can use either DC power from the graphic card or AC/DC power from an external +5V adapter that plugs into the connector.

    • Varied Selection of Lengths - Available with orange jackets in versions of 10, 15.2, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100m (33 to 328ft). 10, 20, 40 and 50m are also available in black.

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