CCS 800 Ultro Discussion System

    Manufacturer Description

    The CCS 800 Ultro Discussion system from Bosch brings order and convenience to small and middle-sized gatherings and conferences – the easy way. This versatile and economical system is both simple to install and extremely straightforward to use. It has all the facilities required for achieving full control of meetings and discussions, without the need of an operator.  New to this model is its unique, built in MP3 audio recording and playback feature.

    • Easy and convenient to use

    After installation is complete, set-up couldn’t be simpler. Before the meeting begins, the desired microphone-operating mode is selected from one of the four available; other parameters, such as volume, are also chosen. The system is then ready to use: it does not require a specially designated operator. If necessary, however, systems can be easily altered from the Control Unit.

    To speak during the meeting, delegates merely press the one-touch button to activate the microphone on their units. Microphones are mounted on flexible stems which can be adjusted to individual preferences. In larger and noisier settings, users can plug-in earphones to eliminate disturbing background noise. There is a double headphone socket for two users per microphone. 

    • Simple-straight forward installation

    System installation is quick and easy! The system includes a Control Unit that can handle up to 150 delegate units. Designed for flexibility, the CCS 800 Ultro includes a tailored number of delegate and chairman units linked to the Control Unit (CU), which is equipped with an icon-based LCD screen and an SD card slot.

    The language independent LCD screen displays 5 soft touch keys that control the menu: start, stop, pause, recording, playback or change settings. Other items include date and time, file name, time elapsed of recording and playback, number of recorded tracks, used and remaining SD card memory.  

    • Digital acoustic feedback suppression

    The CCS 800 Ultro features proprietary Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression (DAFS) technology. Balancing sound pressure level and system gain above normal feedback limits, an additional chip contains proprietary digital signal processing. Basically, it lets users increase the volume above normal levels without disturbing feedback and microphone ‘howling’. The result is excellent speech intelligibility under all conditions.

    • A world class recording solution for congresses and conferences

    The new Bosch CCS 800 Ultro is a versatile, economical discussion system for small to medium meeting areas as well as an excellent base installation for medium to large-scale business and conference centres. With its unique built in MP3 audio recording and playback feature that works with the removable Secure Digital Cards (SD Cards), the system records proceedings digitally for reliable archiving, playback and general meeting management.

    Using this compact, all-in-one system, participants can take part in proceedings by means of tabletop delegate and chairman units that feature built-in loudspeakers and microphones. The chairman unit features an additional attention tone and priority button. Delivering high quality speech intelligibility thanks to the built in digital acoustic feedback suppression (DAFS) technology, the CCS 800 Ultro is ideal for local government councils and courts of law, corporate meeting rooms, hotel conference rooms, local business venues and international congress centres.

    • Fixed or temporary installations

    The CCS 800 Ultro is ideal for both fixed and temporary installations. The delegate and chairman units, and Control Units, are designed for portable or fixed tabletop mounting. In permanent installations, the Control Unit can be flush-mounted to a desk, or installed in a 19-inch rack.

    • Future-proof extendibility

    System longevity is part of the Bosch CCS 800 Ultro design. The system can be interfaced with a wide range of external equipment, providing numerous expansion capabilities that ‘future-proof’ the system. External wired, or wireless microphones allow guest speakers or audience participation. Additionally, a public address system might be incorporated to broadcast the proceedings to a wider audience. Delegates may participate remotely by telephone via a telephone coupler connected to the Control Unit. Doubling as a base for more complex discussion management systems,  CCS 800 Ultro also offers various connectivity options including tele-conferencing and video conferencing, and interpretation and language distribution. 

    • Adaptable operational modes and applications

    The four operating modes are readily adaptable to a variety of situations:

      • For business events, between 1 to 4 microphones can be active at once, with the chairperson choosing the speaker priority. Unused microphones are switched off automatically.
      • In town council settings, wired or wireless microphones (handheld or podium style) are ideal.
      • In the courtroom, MP3 audio recording or playback mode secures and replays testimony.
      • For large, noisy environments, plug-in earphones eliminate background noise. Hearing aid users can connect Induction Loop Neckband headphones via these sockets.
    • Modern contemporary design

    Besides excellent acoustic and component design, users can expect a stunning yet subtle aesthetic quality. Practical and intuitive, the CCS 800 Ultro’s updated look complements practically an interior from highly modern architecture to classic town halls.

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