Axis Psycho 5R

    Manufacturer Description

    The Axis Psycho 5R is a revolutionary beam animation effect moving head fixture from Mega-Lite. Equipped with dual rotating disks that move at different speeds, the beam is transformed into moving shapes and designs, creating a lighting effect the company says "like nothing ever seen before!" The unit has a powerful 5R Lamp with an 8,000K color temperature. It has 17 gobos plus open, a 14 color color-wheel plus open and a three bi-directional rotating prism. It is also equipped with a 1-13 dual blade shutter and frost effect.

    The Axis Psycho 5R is controlled via DMX512 and has a LCD display for easy addressing. The unit has five-pin XLR in and out connectors and powerCON-type power connectors. Quick release clamp mounts are included with the unit, making set up and installation of the Axis Psycho 5R simple.

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