ArKaos 4K Server

    Manufacturer Description

    The powerful new ArKaos 4K Server features a dedicated synchronization hardware especially designed for Professional Lighting Designers and Production Studios.


    Plug and Play Simplicity
    Vast library of high quality digital media from world’s best visual content providers
    Comes installed with MediaMaster Pro
    User-friendly management of frame lock and genlock 

    Smart Design
    Runs 4K video
    Four EDID managed outputs on DisplayPort 1.2 connectors
    Dedicated hardware to synchronise the servers through genlock and frame lock
    New interface allows users to operate genlock and frame lock from the front display
    2x DVI
    Fast and larger SSD drive
    Large LED status strip for quick visual feedback on the server’s operation state
    Server cooling and EDID can be managed directly from the front display
    Fast recovery system by Acronis allows extremely simple reset from the boot menu
    Pre-configured to work directly with all market-leading DMX lighting desks 

    Blistering Performance
    Shock-resistant up to 2G
    Easy access to fans and filters
    Thoroughly tested in structural strength, and toleration of heat and vibration

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