P500 Processor

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    The P-500 processor is available in three versions to meet the requirements of permanent system installers and portable system operators. Each includes servo-loop protection circuits, time and frequency domain correction, and precision front-end utilizing factory-matched components for high Common Mode Rejection. All models feature front panel function switches (which retain their settings through power-up/power-down cycles), turn-on/turn-off muting, and Apogee’s unique PAR™ adjustable protection circuitry. PA (Positive Amplifier Return) senses the output of the amplifier and engages low distortion limiters to aid in protecting the drivers under abusive conditions. By selecting a “User Preset” mode, the protection circuits can be adjusted to match a wide range of power amps.

    P-500 Processor Specifications
    Front Panel Controls

    Level: Continuously adjustable with positive detents;
    linear taper controls allow precision attenuation

    Low Cut: Low frequency roll-off (-6 dB/octave @ 100 Hz) for
    response correction when speaker is near boundary surfaces

    Var/Cal: Selects between adjustable or fixed low frequency attenuation

    Recessed Trimpot: Adjusts low frequency roll-off point, for use in arrays, from 100 Hz down to 50 Hz (continuously adjustable)

    AE-6: Switch selects between AE-5/AE-6 response curves for use with the AE-6 stage monitor

    Preset: Enables rear panel PAR adjustments for calibration of the protection circuitry to the amplifier's dynamic headroom characteristics

    Lock-out switch: Freezes the selected state of the other functions to avoid tampering

    RV only: Front panel line-level XLR inputs with "loop through" XLR outputs; front panel speaker output connectors (Neutrik™ NL4MP Speakon™ connectors standard; other connectors available); front panel pin 1 ground lift switches

    PV only: Rear panel barrier strip for pin 1 ground lift

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