720 / 722 Dominator II Precision Multiband Peak Limiter

    Manufacturer Description

    The Aphex Systems Model 720 / 722 Dominator II is a stereo MultiBand peak limiter designed to fit a wide range of applications. Through the use of MultiBand techniques along with new proprietary circuits, the audibility of limiting action has been greatly reduced, especially when compared to conventional limiters. This means that greater limiting depth is possible, resulting in higher loudness with maintained audio quality. At virtually any limiting depth, the Dominator II is free of "hole punching", "dullness", and most other effects normally associated with limiters. As a peak overshoot protection limiter, the Dominator II is undetectable in line while it absolutely prevents peak levels from exceeding a user settable output level. In addition, the desired limiting effects of greater audio density and increased "punch are readily available with the Dominator II.The Model 722, for broadcast use, has the Pre and De-emphasis circuitry, while the Model 720 Does not.

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