APC Preset Control Wall Stations with Power Hub & Star Hub

    Manufacturer Description

    The APC Architectural Panel Control system provides a simple solution for integrating architectural and theatrical lighting control into a single system. The APC panels incorporate a clean, low profile design that will blend into any environment. APC components are easy to install, wire and configure, and are compatible with any DMX system.

    APC Hub
    When used with Leprecon APC wall panels, the APC Hub provides a complete solution for integrating panels with a DMX system. The Hub provides DC power, DMX in and out, and connections to the installed APC panels.

    APC Star Hub
    The APC Star Hub makes it easier than ever to specify and, install APC wall panels in a new or existing DMX lighting system. The Star Hub provides DC power, DMX input from a controller, and isolated DMX out to lighting fixtures. The Star Hub includes an internal RDM capable DMX splitter allowing star distribution for up to four wired sets of APC panels.

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