AVP-1 Vocal Producer

    Manufacturer Description

    The heart of a great song is a great vocal sound. Antares's new Vocal Producer combines the world-renowned Auto-Tune Pitch Correction and TEC-Award-winning Microphone Modeler technologies in a state-of-the-art vocal processing module to give you everything you need to create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style. Live or in the studio, the AVP-1 lets you instantly select from a large library of sounds. From gorgeously mellow to seriously twisted, the AVP-1 includes factory presets for a wide variety of vocal styles as well as an interface that makes it easy to create your own signature sounds. AVP-1 is really easy to use - no scrolling though endless menus to find the parameters you need. Virtually every major function is only a single button press away. • Unbalanced 1/4" Analog I/O

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