ProLine 650L

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    Altman’s exciting new series of Proline Location and Studio Fresnels offer a brilliant combination of style, durability, performance and efficiency. The 650L serves as a 650W, 500W or 300W small key, backlight or kicker, providing unparalleled lighting across its versatile power range. The 650L features a clam shell door, short cord for grid mounting or 25' cable with a heavy duty in-line switch for location. The Proline 650L has a 112 mm standard focus lens, safety screen, flat steel yoke with combo adapter or pipe clamp, cord wrap and hinged filter frame. This light accepts all standard 6 5/8" (16.8 cm) accessories. Also available for this unit are 4-leaf or 8-leaf barndoors, a 3-in-1 snoot set, and a full compliment of scrims. This product comes in either a stand mounted or a hanging version. Included in every Proline fixture is Altman’s new “F/S EZ Glide System“ which allows the tray assembly to flood and spot with ease.

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