Air Dome

    Manufacturer Description

    The GLP Air Domes provide a secure rain cover enclosure for fixtures that need to be protected from the environment in an IP54 package that is fast and easy to set up and remove. With three sizes available, even small fixtures can remain unobtrusive, yet safely protected from rain, snow and other outdoor elements.

    The Air Domes feature auto sensing power input along with both 3 pin and 5 pin XLR data connectors allow the Air Domes to be used with a wide variety of fixtures on the market. Standard features on all Air Dome models include sensor controls to monitor air pressure inside the dome. As well as easily visible warning LED’s, holders for ground anchors, separate power controls for the fixture and the fan. Additionally 4 selectable fan speeds can be selected depending on the situation. Each Air Dome rain cover can be floor mounted or hung with an accessory kit.
    When floor mounted, the Air Dome uses its solid rubber feet that keep connectors away from the ground and offer a firm and stable footing. GLP Air Domes come complete with clear protective covers. These attach quickly via a solid, reusable hook and loop system that requires no tools to setup. Allowing the unit to take up very little space when being transported or stored. Unobtrusive, practical and versatile are the key elements that make the GLP Air Dome. A must have item for when you don’t know what the weather will throw at you.

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