ADP215 Powered Cabinet

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    The versatile ADP-215 is part of the ADP Self powered, DSP integrated Series. It has been designed to offer the utmost sound reinforcement reliability, incorporating the latest acoustical and electronical technology and delivering incredible, dynamic sound. The ADP-215 is an extremely high power, two way full range cabinet providing exceptional performance. Each cabinet has a DSP integrated for system protection and optimization. This DSP applies classical crossover and linear phase filtering. Other features include temperature sensor, fan speed control, Ethernet options and many more. The compact ADP-215 has an unbeatable power to size ratio, there is no need for external amplification racks, is very light weight and is the ideal solution for portable or fixed sound reinforcement. Wheels are located at the base for easy transportation and a variety of rigging options make the ADP-215 easy to set-up in minimal time. A nylon protection cover is also available. To extend the low frequency response, the ADP-18S sub-bass cabinet can be used.

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