X-Panel RGB LED Panel

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    The X-Panel is a professional, advanced, fashionable and amazing lighting product. It is much more than just an LED-Screen. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, the X-Panel is the perfect blend of lighting and imagination!

    The X-Panel is ideal for use in many applications including stage, theater, church and architectural. The product in itself can be used as an architectural element to create a multitude of environments.
    The X-Panel represents the convergence of light and video. It is flexible, colorful and interactive. Combine video with text or add animated cartoons to still images; creating images that are completely mesmerizing. The creative possibilities of the X-Panel are endless.

    The X-Panel is incredibly compact, lightweight and easily placed. Each element is equipped with 25 high intensity RGB LEDs. More than ten types of software are compatible to this product - JPEG, AVI, MPEG, FLASH, etc. With low energy requirements and complete control, the X-Panel Is only limited by your imagination.

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