Audio Amplifier Signal Splitter

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    The Audio Amplifier Signal Splitter allows connection of multiple loudspeaker cabinets to a single power amplifier channel while maintaining the impedance load of a single speaker. Move more air with more speaker surface area while maintaining safe operating loads on your power amps!

    The A.A.S.S. is geared toward musicians, DJ’s, live sound reinforcement professionals, and fixed installations where multiple or additional loud speakers are needed without the added cost and weight of additional power amplifiers.

    Power as Many as 32 Speaker Cabinets From One Stereo Amp! Connects between your power amp and speakers and allows you to connect multiple cabinets while maintaining the ohm load of one of the cabinets. More speakers and no strain on the power amp.?Want more volume? Add more speakers not amps! More speaker surface area moves more air!

    • Fraction of the cost of additional power amps?
    • Fraction of the weight of additional power amps (the load off your back is worth it alone)
    • Great for mains / monitors / especially multiple subwoofers!?
    • Will allow powering lower wattage speakers with high wattage power amps.

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