LA-800 Passive Line Array Module

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    The LA-800 Line-Array-System is constructed along the lines of the BGV C1, a multi-functional sound system for demanding audio transmission. In order to use the module as flexibly as possible, there is a professional rigging frame for hanging and standing. The professional rigging frame has been constructed along the lines of the BGV C1, it can be co-rigged with up to 28 modules per side. The use of the 8“ MF chassis in the bass range enables a lower takeover frequency of 120 Hz. The powerful 1“ HF drivers provide for an exact high frequency reproduction, without any annoying mid-range interference. One of the constructional requirements for the takeover frequency into the pressure chamber means that the signal is emitted horizontally from the system. The system, as a whole, maintains an excellent performance. There are no acoustic connection problems, as the sub-bass seamlessly fits in at 120 Hz when ground stacked with models FCS-215BP or FCS-218BP. The emission characteristics are symmetric, left and right, and are measurable at 90° horizontal and 10° vertical. One very special characteristic is in the value for money ratio. With four elements as a mini-configuration, you can effect a vertical emission of 40°. This basic four-piece system can be upgraded with other LA-800 elements. The amplifier connectors are high quality SPKN connectors. As peripheral equipment, we recommend our various system controllers, all of which are capable of all the necessary settings. High quality materials are also used for the rigging frames. The safety elements are high-performance ball-lock bolts. The rigging mechanism is a continuous metal frame, integrated into the casing and can be set at the predetermined angles of 0°, 2°, 4°, 6°, 8° and 10°. The entire assembly and disassembly characteristics of the LA-800 has been optimized and laid out by professionals.

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