2440 Compression Driver

    Manufacturer Description

    Model 2440 is a massive professional quality compression driver built to typical JBL standards of precision. It has a four inch voice coil, and an Alnico V magnetic structure weighing more than 23 pounds. It can take the most explosive transients in stride, and reproduce them at thunderous levels with flawless accuracy.

    Mathematically determined phasing plugs are machined concentric exponential horns to eliminate phase cancelations. Magnetic assemblies are cast and machined to hold tolerances considered impractical by Industry standards Diaphragms of aluminum alloy are pneumatically drawn to shape to eliminate crystal stresses that cause fatigue. After manufacture, the frequency response of each driver is tested and a peak or dip in response means it is rejected.

    Model 2440 IS ideally suited for critical sound reinforcing applications In large rooms Its high efficiency and power capacity permit unparalleled dynamic range Its flat response means that greater gaIn before acoustic feedback can be attained.

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