2227H 380mm (15 in) LF Transducer

    Manufacturer Description

    The 2227H is intended for use in applications where large amounts of low distortion, wide-band acoustical power is required, along with excellent mid-bass transient behavior.  It is ideal for use in small enclosures as well as bass and mid-bass horns.

    • 600 W AES continuous pink noise power capacity
    • 8 ohm impedance
    • 100 mm (4 in) edgewound aluminum ribbon voice coil
    • 50 Hz-3 kHz response
    • 100 dB sensitivity, 1 W, 1 m (3.3 ft)
    • SFG™ magnet structure with Super Vented Gap™ (SVG) cooling technology
    • Net weight: 11.8 kg (26 lb.)

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