144 Bi-Directional Digital Converter

    Manufacturer Description

    The 144 from Aphex is an 8 channel, bi-directional digital converter originally developed as an AES input/output module for use with the company's ADAT-based Anaconda digital snake system. However, the unit can also be used as a standalone converter within other non-Aphex systems that require AES interfacing with ADAT data streams.

    The 144 is as functional as it is reliable. Both sides of the conversion process are independent of each other and AES connectivity is in the form of dual 15-pin D-sub connector that follows the Aphex digital standard.

    The Lightpipe ADAT protocol specifies a maximum sample rate of 48kHz for 8 channel applications. Aphex elected to stay at that rate rather than employing S-Mux and losing channel count since most applications for the Anaconda system do not require higher sample rates. The 144 also supports 44.1kHz for situations where the original ADAT or AES data steam was generated using the lower sampling rate.

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