10,000/12,000 Watt 20" Tener Solarspot Fresnel


    Manufacturer Description

    The Mole Richardson 10,000/12,000 Watt Molequartz 20" Tener Solarspot Fresnel fixture has been redesigned to produce greater output and beam spread than its earlier version. It features circular channel construction for added strength and more efficient airflow, resulting in cooler operation.

    The Tener is used in set lighting as a key or back light or as a kicker. Using a 12,000 Watt WSE lamp at 20 feet, this fixture will throw a 610 foot-candle beam of light measuring 20.3 feet in diameter at full flood. At minimum spot it throws a beam 4.1 feet in diameter with an intensity of 5,300 foot-candles at the same distance.

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