GearSource® Global Growth For REMARKABLE Customer Service!

GearSource® Global Growth For REMARKABLE Customer Service!

A lot of companies talk about “going Global” but GearSource has been living it for more than 10 years and even more so in the past few years.

This week, GearSource added 2 members to its CX (Customer Experience) team. One in the USA and another in Asia to manage growing inquiries through our Singapore office. The CX team work closely with both Sellers and Buyers throughout the transaction stages and can support Logistics, Payments and even warranty or returns. The team is multi-lingual, and located strategically throughout the world. In fact, GearSource has key people located in USA (all time zones), Canada (Mountain time), France (Central European time), UK… soon (GMT), Greece (Eastern European time), Singapore (Singapore Standard Time) and Philippines (Philippine Standard time). This allows our team to respond to live chat, calls and social media messages virtually ANYtime, 7 days per week!

To reach the GearSource CX team, you can email [email protected], or pop on to and use our Live Chat app. We are here for you and look forward to assisting you, wherever and whenever you need us!

Happy Buying / Selling on The ONLY Global Gear Marketplace.

Love, your trusty CX team!


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