Payments & Security

Payments and Security is a Global Marketplace and accepts all major credit cards, as well as bank transfers and wires (wire instructions are provided at check-out). GearSource has built a secure platform that allows our Buyers to be confident that their information is very safe and to get our Sellers paid out more quickly and directly. Stripe is our partner in managing incoming and outgoing payments world-wide... it is PCI compliant and provides the highest level of fraud and security measures to protect you and your transactions, whether you are the Buyer or the Seller.

In addition, all credit card data is protected by TLS, which refers to the process of securely transmitting data between you the Buyer and our server.

What TLS does:

Encrypt and verify the integrity of traffic between the customer and our server

Verify that the customer is communicating with the correct server. In practice, this usually means verifying that the owner of the domain (GearSource) and the owner of the server are the same entity.

All information provided to complete your payment is protected by the GearSource Privacy Policy and meets all current world-wide Privacy and Security regulations. GearSource and it’s staff have no access to your secure information. Please review the Privacy Policy for more information.

If you are a Seller on, as part of the GearSource Onboarding process, our Customer Experience team are available to walk you through the processes involved in setting up and managing your GearSource Payments account. Please contact Customer Experience to discuss your options and to schedule your complimentary Onboarding Call.

If you have questions about Payments (incoming) and/or Payouts (outgoing) or you are experiencing any difficulties, please email our Customer Experience team or click on the Chat button in the lower right hand corner of each page.