How We Work

  • Great company culture & remote work policy
  • Fast growing company
  • Flexible Hours
  • Work from home or anywhere
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How We Work

Remote first

Work from home, or anywhere

Global by nature

With teammates all over the globe and sellers on every continent

Inspired by each other

Always at our best when we're working together

Focused on growth

Helping create the world's best live events

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Working at GearSource

“ We have created a very unique remote business where we do not even have a physical location. We celebrate peoples lives, wherever and whenever they happen. GearSource is about growing as a team, globally, and helping folks to provide an amazing work / life balance while achieving our company goals as well.”



“Life, freedom, trust, support, encouragement, challenging, learning, positive, caring, remote life, teamwork are but just a few words to describe working for GearSource. I have never worked with such incredible positive and caring people. The end game is to get results but how you get there is up to you as an individual. We are all different and being in the right environment to work brings out the best in everyone. Yes it’s officially a 9-5 Monday to Friday job but it’s so much more. The freedom and trust to get targets met is a breath of fresh air and because I really do LOVE working for GearSource, I can go above and beyond the normal 9-5 one day and then the next take a few more swim brakes in the beautiful blue sea. I don’t just look forward to Friday and the weekend, I look forward to everyday. It’s a pleasure to work for GearSource.”


Business Development Representative - EMEA

Our Teams

Business Development

Our Business Development team covers all corners of the globe and is ready and willing to help both Buyers and Sellers to move gear around the world, every day. Our Business Development Reps are focused on building relationships with Sellers to help make sure that our offered listings are as robust as possible. They work hand in hand with our Sourcing Experts who help Buyers find the gear they need, no matter how difficult the challenge.

Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience team is the backbone of order processing. They work with both Buyers and Sellers every day to help move orders from quotes to completion, and resolve any issues that come up along the way. They are critical to the success of our business and to cultivating life-long customer relationships.


Our Listings team supports our vast network of global Sellers to make sure that they have all of the resources they need to get listings online accurately and easily.  They work closely with both the Business Development and Customer Experience teams to help bridge the gap between opportunities and orders.


Our Finance team is the core of our company. More than just accounting or bookkeeping, team members are customer-facing and help provide support in getting sellers onboarded and getting buyers financial options to help them secure that big deal. Throughout every step of the process, the Finance team oversees and manages the money across all transactions.  

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Our Openings

Customer Experience

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Business Development Representatives

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