Daily Deals…. Heard of it? 

Ok… you’re a seller on GearSource, but maybe you haven’t heard about Daily Deals. Simply put, this program provides (currently for FREE) an opportunity to market and promote your gear, on a widely distributed, Daily Deals special. 

The program offers: 

    • An opportunity to sell a BUNCH of gear, on a single day – with immediate payment.
    • The ability to position your listings ahead of ALL other similar listings.
    • An option to require minimum quantities to access Deal pricing. 
    • Shipping Included – so you won’t need to do quotes! 


The Rules: 

    1. Discount your listing by 10% or more – for “1 Day Only” – and make sure the price is appealing.  
    2. Include Free Shipping in your area (North America, Europe, Asia, etc)   
    3. Have the product ready to ship immediately, once sold.


So…. If you have gear that you would like featured on the Daily Deals or for additional information, email [email protected] Include a bit of information about the product you’d like our team to consider. The great thing about a Daily Deal… it happens every day! Lots of selling opportunities.