The Industry Is BACK TO WORK!

The Industry Is BACK TO WORK!

I wanted to share a note I received from a production manager / friend, who had a rough year – like so many this past year. It’s so amazing and inspirational to hear stories like this – where people are FINALLY getting back to doing what they love.

Hey Marcel

Good to hear from you, sorry I have missed calls, my brain had just shut down, I was tired of hearing everyones theories of what was going to happen with our industry when no one knew anything for sure, I just kind of shut down and waited (in misery) to hear about work. 

I write to you from my production office backstage where we started rehearsing yesterday, we will be here for 12 total days (until the 25th rehearsing), then we fly out June 30th and play our first show July 1st. We have 16 shows alone in July, and a total of 68 shows booked for 2021 (the bands manager is looking for more!!). 

Point being we are going for it, we are all vaccinated (band, crew, and drivers) and we are going for it. I just wanted you to know that some of us are fortunate enough to be getting back to our jobs and the work we love. Maybe our reality of getting to it, can offer some hope to people who are still home wondering when they get to go back to work. 

I still have many friends and co workers who are home with no idea if/when they will be back to work and that’s horrible. I am counting my blessings every second I sit in this office and walk around onstage watching the band rehearse. 

I hope our going out helps motivate other artists to go out so our crew brothers and sisters (and artists) who are still sitting home can get back to work also. 

I hope you are doing ok and hanging in there, back to work somehow and making money. We will be down in Florida in July, you are welcome to come out to a show if you wanted to, anywhere, anytime.

Be well, stay in touch.
(name withheld)


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