Expand Your Reach… Sell Your Used Gear Globally!

Expand Your Reach… Sell Your Used Gear Globally!

The GearSource® Marketplace has been optimized for new and used equipment sales from any market, to any market. This means, our goal is to find a home for your new or used sound, lighting, video or staging gear, wherever in the world that may be... then help you get it there! 

Our primary markets for Used Gear or Production Gear sales include North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia / New Zealand. In each of those markets, companies have found ways to buy and sell gear locally, or domestically - but not internationally. This is where the GearSource marketplace is able to step in, and shine. 

Our Gear Heads are able to guide you on pricing, listing best practice and even logistics. In other words, don't worry! Our team is there for you, to make sure your sale happens securely, and efficiently. 

Speaking of security, the GearSource team take every transaction very seriously and we've enabled best in class tools to protect you. GearSource Payments are backed by Stripe - one of the largest, and best Global payments processors. Stripe are very concerned with fraud and transaction / payments security. 

  1. Today, more than 50% of the transactions on are international - meaning the gear sells from one country, to another country. This sort of used lighting, used audio, used staging or used video gear sale can be very complicated, but we've worked hard to simplify and secure those transactions for you. 

How do you get started? I am glad you've asked! 

  1. First, sign up for an account on It's free and easy - and will enable you to access all of our selling tools - and get your used gear sold, even into another country! 
  2. Add listings... but be sure to add honest and detailed descriptions, excellent photos and a good price. This will help your used gear listing sell - globally! 
  3. Share your listing links on your website, social media pages, and more. Driving people back to your listings is good for you and will help to make ALL of your listings on GearSource more popular. 

The world becomes a very accessible market when you have a partner with almost 20 years experience, selling used sound, lighting, video and staging gear - Globally. We ARE that partner! Get started today!! 

Happy Selling! 


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