Common Mistakes While Listing. Sell More… Faster!

Common Mistakes While Listing. Sell More… Faster!

We obviously want for you to become a successful seller on GearSource! Here are some common mistakes that we see often, and would love to help you avoid.

  1. Failing to use Stock Item Database – When adding your listing, you should first select your Stock Item. We have tens of thousands of stock items already created, so be sure to use that field in the listing form before creating a new stock item. This will simplify your listing, and speeds up the approval process to get your listing online ASAP.
  2. Photo Issues – take actual photos – do not use stock images from Google or the manufacturer. This is extremely important, especially for mobile shoppers, buyers want to see the gear they are purchasing and not a stock photo. Make sure to include clear, non-blurry images, upload lots of detailed photos, and include visual display of everything that is included. To avoid any misunderstandings, make sure you remove all items that are not included as part of the listing price.
  3. Description Issues – make sure your description is clear and has as much detail as possible. Do not use the manufacturer description. Be sure to include a list of all items that are included and if there is any damage on the item list any defects. The buyer will find those defects, and initiate a return / refund process if you haven’t been clear in noting damage or defects. 
  4. Fair Pricing – make sure your item is priced correctly, competitive and in a reasonable range compared to similar items. You can search other listings for the same item on GearSource or you can always reach out to our GearHeads for assistance with pricing as well.  
  5. Manage your listings regularly – And if you have sold an item or it is no longer available, be sure to update the listing immediately. Check your pricing and quantities regularly and buyers will love you and buy from you again and again. 

For additional information on listing please visit our Help Center & FAQs page. If you have any questions, reach out to our Global GearHeads team anytime, either by clicking the Chat in the lower right-hand corner or email [email protected].


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