Why is GearSource Payments Awesome? 

GearSource Payments is a new payments system setup to support buyers and sellers on GearSource.com. The system is powered by Stripe Marketplace, also used by massive companies including Lyft, Booking.com, Instacart, and even Kickstarter and offers faster (almost instant) payments directly to your GearSource Payments account, additional security, and full automation. It’s your gear, and it’s your money. Our goal is to get it to you securely, and quickly! 

Connecting your GearSource Payments account is simple… just follow these steps:

  1. Login to your GearSource Seller account.
  2. Click on GearSource Payments
  3. You will see the “Connect with Stripe” button, that will take you to the form to complete your payments account connection. 

For your first transaction, payment will arrive in your GearSource Payments account, and will be released to you for withdrawal 5 days after the shipment is confirmed delivered. After your first successful transaction, payments will be released to you for withdrawal 48 hours after the shipment is confirmed delivered… (in some cases, this is expedited to your confirmation of a tracking number). All payments will have any associated fees conveniently subtracted, so you won’t have to worry about a selling commission or margin as in the past. To save on fees. you can also choose to have payments automatically withdrawn once a week, once a month, or manually – instead of after each sale. That’s up to you. 

For additional information on payments please visit the GearSource Payments page, or for additional questions, just reach out anytime, either via Live Chat or email [email protected].