Complete LED Video Walls

    Hanging Beam

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    GRANITE P1.95 to P7.81 LED Wall

    With a wide range of pixel pitch going from P1.95 to P7.81 for your indoor fixed installations. The GRANITE is most suitable for monitoring rooms, conference rooms, traffic command centers but could be well suited for other types of applications such as hotels, shopping centers, churches etc. ULTRA HD LED DISPLAY INDOOR (IP30) P1.95 – P2.6 […]

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    THORITE 2.0 P2.9 – 3.9 – 4.8 LED Wall

    With a wide range of cabinet sizes for your outdoor fixed installations, the THORITE 2.0 is most suitable for fascades, store fronts, shopping centers, digital road signage but could be well suited for other types of applications. OUTDOOR IP68 P2.9 – 3.9 – 4.8 500 X 500 X 96 MM 500 X 750 X 96 […]

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    ROE Visual Carbon

    ROE Visual Carbon 5.7mm 60x60cm IP65 4500 NIT LED screen module in flight case.

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    DV Series LED Video Wall

    Fast and Accurate CURVE System Innovative Side Lock Design There is no need of any additional tool to quickly adjust from flat screen to a curved one. Enable -7.5 ~10° at every 2.5° step, support +10°,±7.5 °, ±5°, ±2.5°, 0° Absen proprietary locking system, more solid, more accurate. QUICK Installation and Maintenance Front & Rear […]

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    Transparent LED Screen

    High transparency ≥49% transparency with strong windproof Driver IC QFN packaged with great electrical & thermal conductivity; DES function for energy-saving and low heat generating “Louver” design One key switching in transparent & non- transparent Lightweight & firm structure Cabinet depth 78.5mm, weight 8.5kg with enhanced structure Waterproof Front& rear IP65 Accurate installation Magnet + […]

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    Oak Series Indoor LED Display

    LEDs Well-selected Nationstar LEDs with the 2nd generation anti-collection design PWM IC High performance on refresh rate and grayscale with PWM IC Power supply PFC function with ≥92% energy transformation Signal backup A signal backup port with Rj45 Module design 4pcs magnet or 4pcs screws(optional) on modules to meet rental or fixed needs Ultra Light […]

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    The INFiLED S modules are also particularly low-noise. In the segment of high-resolution video LED walls currently THE top product on the market. Seamless precision aluminium frame (die-cast) – extremely narrow Separately exchangeable control modules Extra-light – only 7.9kg/panel Innovative panel protection prevents impact damage High refresh rate – over 2400Hz (adjustable) Patented stacking system

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    Lightlink P2.9 Indoor LED Screen

    Used led screen wall in Lightlink P2.9 indoor

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    New Videowall UHD 4x Samsung VM55T-U

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    RX2 2.8mm LED VIdeo Wall

    The RX2 can connect nearly all the video devices with your LED display. Video processor is a kind of devices that can convert the other video signal to DVI signal. And then the DVI signal will goes to the LED sender, and send from the CAT5 to the display. For the further use, you can […]

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    AN Series LED Screen

    The AN Series is the latest technology available for Ultra high definition fixed indoor LED screens. The AN Series boasts a thin design being able to be fixed to a wall with less than 100mm. 160 Degree viewing angles means the screen can be viewed from an extremely large area with service available from front to rear. This new generation […]

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    UGM Series LED Video

    UGM High Protection & High ROI P2.9/P3.9/P4.8 Scratch-resistant lamp surface ABS (Advanced Back-up of Sharing) technology –play a role of power backup, ensuring the success of projects Multiple uses & multiple scenarios – video wall & dance floor Extremely solid dance floor – high-intensity load-bearing capacity

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    LTV-2M LED Video Screen Trailer

    EMI-LTV-2M LED Video Screen Trailer20’ Enclosed V-Nose Trailer. STRUCTURE: 20’ Enclosed V-NoseH.D. trailer Roof access ladder Built-in generator enclosure Rear locking door DEPLOYMENT: 2-stage hydraulic tower Max. elevation: 23’-6” Hydraulic Leveling Legs 360-degree manual turret rotation

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    Galaxias Series LED Video Wall

    Light Weight Flexible LED Display Galaxias Series 1.The Galaxias series targets both indoor and outdoor applications. 2.The pixel pitch varies from 3.9mm to 12mm that provides an optimal viewing distance from 3 to 20 meters, which satisfies most of the applications. 3. The Galaxias series is characterized with the following features: flexibility, ultra lightweight, front […]

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    Titanium Indoor LED Wall

    The Titanium is available in P0.95 – P1.27 – P1.59. It’s the smallesT pitch of our entire product range, with a size of 609 x 343 x 55 mm, the TITANIUM is most suitable for monitoring rooms, conference rooms, traffic command centers but could be well suited for other types of applications such as your […]

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    Uslim-O Outdoor LED Wall

    Uslim-O Outdoor LED Wall The outdoor, fine-pitch, signage solution. Better heat dissipation, excellent stability, waterproof performance, and smart monitoring system. Triple protection of module: waterproof brum, closed irrigation and waterproof ring improve the overall performance of the Uslim-O. The whole panel has only four module connectors, which reduces the failure rate greatly.

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    COBALT P6.67 to P10 Outdoor LED Wall

    The COBALT was specially designed to be extremely robust but also diffuse your visual content on the brightest (all the way up to 10000 NITS) LED display cabinet you will find. Additionally, we’ve implemented a smart heat dissipation system which makes the COBALT one of the best cabinets on the market for long-term fixed installations. […]

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    QWARTZ P1.95 to P4.81 Indoor LED Wall

    With a wide range of pixel pitch going from P1.95 to P4.81 for your indoor fixed installations, the QWARTZ is most suitable for monitoring rooms, conference rooms, traffic command centers but could be well suited for other types of applications such as hotels, shopping centers, churches etc… Only 3.5 to 6kg per cabinet depending on […]

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    STELLA M 2.8MM LED Wall

    The digiLED STELLA M Range of LED modules; designed for superb performance and precise engineering for rental installations. Functional design matched to affordable prices for both indoor and outdoor applications, coupled with reliable electronics and CE certification, makes Stella a star performer in the most demanding scenarios. All you need for superb performance – Accurate […]

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