Complete LED Video Walls

    HDG II Series LED Wall

    HDG II Series Pixel Pitch: 0.93mm, 1.25mm, 1.56mm, 1.87mm Brightness: 800nits, 800nits Cabinet material: die-cast aluminum  Features: 1. Applied black LEDs 3-in1 with higher contrast ratio and color reproduction, presenting a perfect image. 2. Ultra-ligh

    $28,888.00 $28,888.00

    IF015H P1.5 LED Wall

    IF015H P1.5 LED Signage with superior picture quality and intuitive usability.  Revitalize Indoor Customer Engagement With Realistically Brilliant Picture Quality With more businesses turning to LED signage for an enhanced customer experience, Samsung’s f

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    $80,818.21 $80,818.21

    Velvet Apex Series LED Video Wall

    When image quality count​s, choose Christie Velvet Apex Series. This premium LED video wall solution delivers [email protected] resolution, HDR10 compatibility, built-in Clearview technology, and low-brightness enhancements for incredible visual experiences. System

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    3.91 MM BP3 Black Pearl LED Wall

    Black Pearl is a high-performance, broadcast-grade, HD-LED display for indoor applications. It has won many prestigious design awards, including the IDEA Gold Award and the Red Dot Award. Innovative user-friendly design supports fast and easy set-up for b

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    Leyard CLI Video LED Wall

    The Leyard CarbonLight CLI Series is a line of lightweight, adaptable LED video wall displays, ideal for indoor rental, staging and fixed installations. The Leyard CarbonLight CLI Series’ adaptable design is suitable for hanging, wall mounting and free-st

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    FLEXMod Adaptive LED Tile

    FLEXMod Adaptive LED Tile allows for more creativity than ever before.  Its radical lightweight design eliminates any traditional display screen component:  no shader, no perforations, nothing to interfere with the viewing experience.  Its light weight an

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    LED Video Wall

    NATIONSTAR has various RGB LEDs by 9 dimensions, from 0606 to 3535, with different brightness and pixel pitch levels.  See individual listings for item specific details. Contact your GearSource Representative with any questions.

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    IP19C / IP25C LedPoster Digital Displays

    LedPoster Digital Display · High Refresh Rate and Brightness · Wide Viewing Angle · Realistic Color Reproduction · Multiple Installation Configurations · Single Display or Multi-Screen Cascade · Easily Controlled with SmartPhone or Computer via USB or Wi-

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    X5 Ultra High Def 5.2mm LED Video Wall

    Ultra HD perfect picture quality, exclusive visual feast Ultra-high resolution brings delicate display effect, and it is a perfect embodiment of the new generation of ultra-high-definition LED display technology. Pixel pitch is 5.2mm. Low brightness with

    $40,000.00 $100,000.00

    STEALTH Display

    Since its initial release in 2006, the STEALTH modular video display system has quickly become the industry standard for lightweight, portable video displays. The STEALTH system has proven itself in applications throughout the world from concerts, archite

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    LED VID7-SMD – 7.2mm 3-in-1 SMD Video Screen

      This is the next generation of LED video panels with 7.2mm pitch high-resolution SMD LED's and IP rated for outdoor use. The modular design of these panels gives LD's the flexibility of various size show setups. With the capability of outputting 281 tri

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    $60,678.16 $60,678.16

    LED Vid4-SMD 4.5mm 3-in-1 SMD Video Screen

    This is the next generation of LED video panels with 4.5mm pitch high-resolution SMD LED's. The modular design of these panels gives LD's the flexibility of various size show setups. With the capability of outputting 281 trillion colors, this provides a r

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    Omega8 Full Color LED Panel Video Wall

    Omega8 full color led panel is made up of 5184 pixels, each pixel is three in one full color LED lamp. Module Size is 600*600*66(mm). The cabinet is made from aluminum alloy, which makes it very reliable, solid, and easy to install. The display can be fre

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    Ai05 Super Slim Indoor LED Video Screen

    The Absen Ai05 Super Slim Indoor Screen LED Video panels offer full front-access, super slim design and excellent display performance make it the first choice in hospitality, conference room, TV studio application LED Video at just 5.2mm tight pixel provi

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    HDV 1.2 UHD LED Video Wall

    HDV 1.2 UHD LED Video Wall Front Installation & Front servicable 1.25 mm Pitch Cable Free Design Cell structure Extraordinary Display Performance 160° Viewing Angle Space saving Design  Tech Specs: Category:Indoor Pixel Pitch mm: 1.25 Brightness ni

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    A1.6 Ultra High Definition LED Display

    A1.6 Ultra High Definition LED Display Pixel Pitch: 1.6mm Pixel Configuration: SMD 3-in-1 Panel Size (wxhxd): 1'4" x 12" x 5"400 x 300 x 120mm Panel Weight: 16.8lb / 7.6kg Pixel Matrix Per Panel: 240 x 180pixel Ip Rating (Front/Rear): IP40

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    sB3 Indoor LED Wall

    The LEDitgo sB3 indoor LED wall is equipped with high-performance SMD blackface. The LEDitgo sB3 is exactly tailored to your requirements. This applies to the TV studio business just as much as it does to hard trade fairs or permanent installations.  Exce

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    $43,000.00 $43,000.00

    FLEXLite II 6.2 mm LED Screen

    FLEXLite II is the next generation of the FLEXLite Series of LED Panels. Its die Cast aluminum frame makes it much more sturdy and durable than ever before. With new improved, features, FLEXLite II can meet the demands of any install or production you thr

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    TR-2013 LED Video Display

    Versatility for all kinds of applications is the building block of Toshiba’s full color displays. Brilliant images and vivid colors give maximum impact, and the indoor or outdoor capability of this system makes it a workhorse for any show situation. Featu

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    LR3 3.9mm LED Video Wall

    Lightlink LR3 3.9mm LED Video Wall Pixel pitch: 3.9mm Brightness: 1000nits-1300nits Cabinet material: diecast aluminum  Delicate Appearance Fast and flexible installation  High-end display technology, the screen is more uniform and good The use of the

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    $37,037.00 $37,037.00