GT-STAGE BRACE Leg to Leg Brace Compatible: GT-STAGE 1x1 & GT-STAGE ADJUST Unit Weight: 1.20lbs

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    $16.00 $16.00


    GT-STAGE HOOK Deck to Deck Clamp Compatible: GT-STAGE 1x1 & GT-STAGE ADJUST Unit Weight: 0.25lbs

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    $13.00 $13.00


    CLAMP POST Compatible: F31, F32, F33 & F34 Truss Max. Load Capacity: 500kg/1100lbs Arm Length: 17.5in Unit Weight: 2.41lbs

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    $39.00 $39.00

    DT-GP Square Truss Corner Junctions

    Global Truss DT-GP Square Truss Corner Junctions.  See individual listings for item-specific details.

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    $369.00 $369.00

    Sand Bag

    Find Various Sand Bags here.  See individual listings for item-specific details.

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    $35.00 $35.00

    Truss Corner Block

    BY : Tomcat In : Trussing

    Find various Tomcat Truss Corner Blocks here.  See individual listings for item specific details.

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    $350.00 $620.00

    Truss Base

    BY : Tomcat In : Trussing

    Truss Base. See individual listings for dimensions.

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    $250.00 $1,200.00

    Medium Duty 20.5 inch Circle Truss

    BY : Tomcat In : Trussing

    All standard product circle trusses are fabricated using: Main Chords – 2”x1/8” Aluminum Round Tube Diagonals – 1”x1/8” Aluminum Round Tube All truss uses bolted connections All truss fabricated by AWS Certified Welders

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    $6,500.00 $6,500.00

    20.5 x 20.5 Box Circle Truss

    Fabricated with American-made aluminum in the heart of the U.S.A., our Medium Duty Truss is one of the signature, go-to products for entertainment events. With this industry standard product, our quality and customer service are unmatched. We offer our Me

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    $15,000.00 $15,000.00


    BY : Litec In : Trussing

    UP! Complementing the Trussing products, PA Towers reflect LITEC’s constructive concepts:linear forms and modular systems.   Flyintowers, like the rest of LITEC’s product line, are the result of years of experience in design and technology.

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    $2,345.00 $2,345.00

    12" Box Truss

    BY : Thomas In : Trussing

    12“ x 12“ General Purpose truss is manufactured from 2“ dia x 0.125“ wall and 1“ dia x 0.125“ wall 6082T6 or 6061T6 aluminum tubing.Bolts are supplied for assembly of truss elements. This truss is ideal for conference, exhibition, and small venue work. By

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    Other Truss Structures

    Exhibit Designs You can find several trade show designs in this section. We deliver them as complete exhibition booth packages. These designs show the huge flexibility and variability of TAF aluminium truss segments. Feel free to come up with your own id

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    $99.00 $44,978.00

    Trussing Accessories

    There are a lot of different things that can be made out of aluminium and also various trussing accessories. Check this section out for special products that were labelled as very user friendly by our customers.  6016 Spot Chair 5555 U-Light Frame 5556 U

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    $0.00 $346.00


    TAF barriers are the right choice for controlling the crowd when necessary. The barriers are safety devices which can help you to manage the crowds at various types of events, such as pop concerts, music festivals, political meetings etc.  BR-B  BR-G BR-

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    $1,193.00 $2,336.00

    LED Frames

    LED frames from TAF trussing segments are great for any event with projection for public. We offer three dimensions of the frames as standards.  LED FRAME 2  LED FRAME 3

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    Roof Systems

    TAF offers wide range of roofing systems designed to fit events of basically any size. The great variety of the roof systems dimensions and designs grants you a freedom of choice.  ROOF-S RST1  ROOF-S RST2  ROOF-S RST3  GABLE ROOF 8x6  ROOF-1  ROOF-2 8x6

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    $8,334.00 $56,105.00

    Tower Systems

    TAF towers have wide range of applications. There are two basic kinds of TAF tower systems. The towers used as supportive stands for various grids (e.g. in roof systems or large span structures) and towers used as a support of speakers.

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    $0.00 $8,196.00

    Fork Truss

    Fork truss system is defined by the connection of the trussing segments by forks. There is always a female set of fork connectors on one side of the truss and a male set on the other so the segments can be put together easily. The connection is secured by

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    Bolted Truss

    TAF bolted truss includes three types of bolted trussing lines - light duty, medium duty and heavy duty. The connection is made by bolting two aluminium plates together in all four corners of the trussing segments.  FTB-L - Light Duty bolted truss  FTB-M

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    PT Truss

    PT truss represents another type of quicklock connection with different compatibility than standard quicklock line.  Triangle Truss PT33 - Triangular Prolyte style truss Box Truss PT34 - Box Prolyte style truss

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