Stands & Supports

    The Complete Digital DJ Gear Stand

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    Rubber Base Weight

    Rubber Base Weight Made of recycled rubber Convenient carry handle Easily slips over an upright and base

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    GB-SEC1B GearBox Lockable Universal Projector Mount (Black)

    The Premier Security Mount for Projectors is a specially designed mount that also provides additional space for A/V equipment. The projector is secured on a slotted tray which is conveniently configured for easy installation by only one person. The system

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    Misc Dollies

    Various dollies. See individual listings for details.

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    Misc Adapter

    Find various Adapters here. See individual listings for details.

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    TS-88B Aluminum Tripod Speaker Stand

    TS-88B Product Breakdown: Patented Tripod Design Extra Height Over-sized Heavy Wall Aluminum Tubing 100% Field Serviceable Parts Patented Die-cast Metal Collar on TLF Original Series Aluminum Tripod Speaker Stand with Integrated Speaker Adapter and Extr

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    CH-03 T-Bar Stand

    CH-03 is a heavy-duty T-bar stand that provides a stable platform to mount multiple lighting fixtures. The reinforced top bar doesn’t bend under stress and it easily sets up and tears down making it ideal for mobile entertainers.  Included hardware mounts

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    CH-06 (T-Bar Tripod)

    CH-06 is a portable, lightweight T-Bar tripod stand with a 50 lbs. (5 kg) weight capacity and quick setup and teardown time. Easy-to-hang mounting points and an extra adaptor turn the CH-06 into the perfect base for mounting small moving yoke and followsp

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    CH-31 (Portable Trussing with T-Bars)

    The CH-31 is a lightweight portable trussing solution that provides mobile DJs an opportunity to raise their fixtures into the air. The CH-31 has a load capacity of 200 pounds, and can be fully extended to a height of nine feet. Featuring a weight of just

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    Misc Ladder

    Find various Misc Ladders here. See individual listings for details.

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    K-31 Lifting Tower

    NEW MODEL: K-31 LIFTING TOWER Kuzar has launched the new range of polyvalent aluminum towers, the K-31 is a tower sections longer than the K-30 capable of lifting STRUCTURES and AUDIO SYSTEMS LINE ARRAY PA and more height. 4 legs with adjustable mounts di

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    K-6 Lifting Tower

    One of the popular towers designed to raise all kinds of structures and lighting systems, reaching 6.5 m in height with a load of 220 kg. Consisting of five sections of steel, and a sturdy base with four castors for easy portability, and four adjustable s

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    Inheritor of our classic tower 'ST' K-51 incorporates new features such as the trigger 'KAT' two position blocking sections automatically as the tower rises, and protects your cargo in the unlikely event that the cable breaks. The new range of POLIVALENTE

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    Master Combo Alu Senior Stand

    A light 10.25lb (4.65Kg) stand that has a load capacity of  26.5lbs (12Kg).  The maximum height is 10.33' (3.15M).  It includes a triple function universal head with 1/8" (25mm) and 5/8" (16mm) stud.  It includes a leveling leg for uneven terrai

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    This heavy duty stand features wheels and a crank for easily moving, raising, and lowering large light fixtures.  TECHNICAL SPECS: Minimum Height: 61.25" Maximum Height: 11.5' Closed Length: 67" Footprint Diameter: 4.5' Maximum Load: 150lbs Moun

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    Misc Lifts

    Find various Lifts here. See individual listings for details.

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    T55592: Zenith 620T Turnbuckle

    The Zenith stands are the most substantial of the wind-ups giving a safe working load of 200 Kgs. The Zenith comes complete with 28mm (11/8”) receiver accepting standard TV spigots. These stands are constructed with a four section mast, thus enabling thes

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    Find various Prolyte Dollies here.  See individual listings for details.

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    Video 80 Fluid Head

    The heavy duty and popular tripod for ENG and Cine shooting is extremely stable offering sturdy support for camera systems. The dual extractible carbon fibre tripod with the Sachtler quick clamping system is comfortable to use, extremely reliable and robu

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    CF 150 L Tripod

    The CF 150 L one stage tripod, provides maximum stability and carrying capacity. Constructed and drawn out of one-piece carbon fiber material, makes it twist resistant and lighter than dural aluminum. It features a 150mm / 6" bowl, tube diameter of 2

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