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    MD5012 Stage Riser

    After many years of experience in the industry, we have developed the MD5012 stage riser. We have integrated the best elements from our traditional models and added unique features to present you with the ultimate stage riser. It offers the highest load capacity on the market and is perfect for semi-permanent installations and outdoor stages […]

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    Scapin Stage Riser

    Built using only premium quality components, The Scapin stage riser is one of the most resistant system on the market. The possibilities are endless, all you have to do is combine standard structure elements with custom-made ones to create multilevel bleachers, stage platforms or scaffolding systems. Extruded aluminum alloy 6061-T6 1’’ Russian birch plywood Can […]

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    El Presidente Stage Riser

    The El Presidente stage risers can support a load of up to 100 pounds per square inch. The new extruded concept allows you to safely attach a wide array of accessories and decor elements with unistrut bolts. Six square aluminum legs ensure great stability and neoprene pads are supplied to protect floor covering. Extruded aluminum […]

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    Staging Platforms

    Staging platforms are undeniably an important item for anyone who needs to cover any kind of event. The platforms together with TAF trussing segments fulfill any needs to create any size set ups.  STH stages

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    Find various Bleachers and Seating options here. See individual listings for details.

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    GT-STAIR Compatible: GT-STAGE 1x1 & GT-STAGE ADJUST Flat Dimensions: 37in x 72in Unit Weight: 55.8kg/123lbs

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    Guard Rails for Portable Staging

    Global Truss Guard Rails for Portable Staging.

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    Stage Legs

    Global Truss Stage Legs. See individual listings for items specific details.

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    Event Facade BL

    The ADJ Event Facade BL is a great solution to professionally conceal your equipment and create an elegant professional look at the same time. Perfect for anyone looking for a lightweight, portable, and fast set-up facade to enhance their image.

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    Misc Ramps

    Find various Ramps here. See individual listings for details.

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    Stage Platforms System

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    AS2100 ADA Ramp Components

    Multi-Stage offers an access ramp that provides a 1” rise for every foot of ramp length. A special end ramp section gives a smooth transition from the floor to the first ramp section.

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    AS2100 Guard Rails

    Guard panels have been designed for quick assembly to increase productivity during installation and disassembly. Unique clamps snap into the side channel of the decks and release by depressing a plunger.

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    ST8100 Storage Carts

    Store your decks conveniently and efficiently on Multi-Stage Storage Carts. Solid steel frame construction provides an easy way to transport your decks to and from set up sites. Horizontal Storage Cart - 60” L x 42” W x 38” H Stores up to 14 stage decks i

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    ST8100 Adjustable Stair Packages

    The Ultra-Stair decreases set up time and labor. Multiple units are available for platform heights from 12” to 80”. The units, with detachable handrails, fold flat for storage and ease in shipment.

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    ST8100 Guard Railing/Bracing/Riser Adapters

    Bil-Jax recommends the use of guard railing with the Multi-Stage system. Horizontal and vertical panelized guard rail sections are available.

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    ST8100 Access Ramps

    Multi-Stage offers an access ramp that provides a 1” rise for every foot of ramp length. A special end ramp section gives a smooth transition from the floor to the first ramp section.

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    ST8100 Build-Up Frames

    Combine 4’ high build up frames with standard 1-1/2” legs to reach stage heights of 8’. Two frames can be stacked to achieve higher applications. Coupling inserts (1-1/2”) are attached to buildup frames for quick, secure stacking. Using these frames is li

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    ST8100 Galvanized Legs/Sleeves

    Galvanized steel square tubed 1-1/2” legs are perforated for 1” adjustment and are available in standard lengths of 12”, 24”, 30”, 36” and 48”. Legs lengths can also be custom cut to fit specific requirements. An adjustable rubber base pad provides a soli

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    Stage Legs and Flanged Legs

    Standard Legs • We stock a very wide range of legs in substantial quantities • Predominantly in imperial sizes but with a good stock of metric too • All ranging in height from 8” to 10’ • Sizes up to 4’ in height

    Flanged Legs • Available in two diffe

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