Rigging Hardware

    Clamps and Couplers

    Cosmic Truss offers an extensive range of clamps and couplers to meet all design requirements. See individual listings for item-specific details.

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    12 Inch Mega Truss Pick

    The Mega-Truss Pick is CNC machined from solid 1″ × 6″ 6061 T-6 aluminum billet. Two pockets cut into the Mega-Truss Pick have coupler style aluminum pivoting links, half inch swivel bolts, and our solid wing nuts to completely wrap around the truss tube to secure it. The Mega-Truss Pick has one top and one bottom rigging […]

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    EK2 Drop System

    EK2 is a sophisticated but exceptionally easy-to-use kabuki drop system that comprises a selection of parts you can configure to precisely meet your exact event requirements. Our robust EK2 modules are the innovative units at the action end of the rig, while firing and control boxes are the intelligent heart of the entire system. In […]

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    The Monstro-Clamp 4″ fastens to 2-3/8″ OD to 4″ OD pipes. CNC cut from solid one inch thick aluminum plate. 1/2″-13 × 4″ square head bolt.

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    World Rigging ALUMA-LOK

    ALUMA-LOK, the industry standard, provides for direct fastening of lighting, trussing, 1/4 ton motors and the dead hanging of speakers. Load rated at 750 lbs (340 kgs) UDL this is the Godfather of airwall track rigging. Use this tool to hang (3) Source Four lights from one location. Hang intelligent lighting right from the bottom […]

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    Airwall Hanger

    Various sizes and models of Airwall Hangers. See individual listings for details.

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    FF3249 Telescopic Post

    Telescopic Post, Extends from 23-5/8''-50-3/8''. A telescopic system for the balanced suspension of loads. Adjustable in height from 60cm to 128cm, with automatic positioning at the desired position. A female attachment with safety plug and locking lever

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    Rig Bar

    Find various Chauvet Rig Bars here.  See individual listings for item specific details.

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    Long-End Rack Ear Bracket

    Long rack ear for Shure SLX wireless receiver.

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    VHR Hand Chain Hoist for loads of 250 to 5,000 kg

    Verlinde VHR Hand Chain Hoist for loads of 250 to 5,000 kg. Eye-pleasing, compact and efficient, the V.H.R. is tested to all currently applicable standards.

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    KLA Array Frame

    BY : QSC In : Rigging Hardware

    QSC KLA Array Frame Aluminum array frame for KLA Series active line array loudspeakers. Available in black and white. Uses KLA SOLO Rigging System to connect to top of speaker without tools or external hardware

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    CT-APP Adjustable Support Point

    The CT-APP is an adjustable support point for structure, which allows to create a hanging point from the top of a structure to install video screens. Mounting clamps can be adjusted to fit structures up to 20.5 inches wide. The CT-APP provides secure supp

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    Clamps / Couplers

    Clamps or couplers are a necessary accessories for lighting truss and that is why we offer a wide variety of these products covering all the standard size tubes used in aluminum truss production. All clamps are TUV certified.

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    TBF-100 Tile Bridge

    BY : TOA In : Rigging Hardware

    The TBF-100 from TOA Electronics is a tile bridge for ceiling mounting PC-671R and PC-671RV speakers. The TBF-100 is required if you wish to mount the speaker in a BBF-100 back can.

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    DRK-20 Fly Bar

    Fly bar for DVA systems. Designed to hang up to a maximum weight of 1800 kg (TUV certified; the maximum weight depends on the barycenter of the system). Usable for stack configurations with supplied hardware, either on DVA subwoofers or on the stage direc

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    VRX-SMAF Array Frame

    BY : JBL In : Rigging Hardware

    JBL VRX-SMAF Optional hardware for suspending VRX915S and/or VRX928LA enclosures.

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    ETR Rigging Bracket

    L'Acoustics ETR Rigging Bracket

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    VNT-BUMPM10 Lifting/Stacking Bumper

    VNT-BUMPM10 Lifting/Stacking bumper for GEO M10 and MSUB15, 2 rigging points, 20Kg

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    Truss Accessories

    Find various Prolyte Truss Accessories here.  See individual listings for item specific details.

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    CSW-25 Wedge Set

    CSW-25 Wedge set consisting of two 2.5° wedges that can be placed at the front or back of the cabinets to aim the array components at the listening areas.

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