Winch 10

    Create effective movements for your stage objects. Easy control and programming. Lifting capacity:10 kg (22 lb)Lifting height:10 m (32.8 ft)Lifting speed:5-30 cm/s (2-11.8 in/s) Make great scene design effects with the Winch 10 for stage props with a load

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    $741.00 $741.00

    Aetos Hoist

    BY : Prolyft In : Motors

    ProLyft Aetos hoists are designed to meet the increasingly exacting demands of the entertainment market. These fool proof hoists are designed to withstand rigorous transportation and rough handling and can be serviced just about everywhere. The standard i

    $1,250.00 $1,250.00

    PLE Hoist

    BY : Prolyft In : Motors

    The Prolyft is a rugged and portable chain hoist designed for the demands of rigging applications. With its compact construction and ability to operate inverted, the Prolyft allows for greater flexibility in mounting the unit as required by each applicati

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    Hoist / Motor

    BY : Miscellaneous In : Motors

    Find various models of Hoists / Motors here. See individual listings for more details.

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    $92.00 $5,500.00

    K2 Motion Control Console

    BY : Kinesys In : Motors

    This ground breaking product combines the best aspects of existing programming methodologies with some stunning new concepts. K2 is Kinesys’ motion control console and employs a intuitive approach to automation programming. The operator uses ‘click and dr

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    $14,995.00 $14,995.00

    Hoist Control

    BY : Prolyft In : Motors

    ProLyft offers various chain hoist or chain motor control solutions for simple and complex lifting situations. The hoist control systems are designed to the latest standards with a user-friendly layout to reduce operator failures. ProLyft Aetos hoist cont

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    Motor Chain

    BY : Miscellaneous In : Motors

    Find various motor Chain here.  See individual listings for details.

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    Tralift Manual Chain Hoist

    BY : Tractel In : Motors

    Tralift chain hoists are used to lift and transfer loads. The hoist is designed for permanent installation on a jib crane, or on motorized or non-motorized trolley or beam clamp or other suitable anchoring mechanism. They are suitable for handling relativ

    $111.00 $111.00

    Pluslite D8+ Chain Hoist

    BY : Movecat In : Motors

    Movecat‘s PLUSlite chain hoists were developed as economical rigging hoists for use in media equipment environments. They are the first choice when it comes to the safe and reliable hoisting and positioning of trusses, stages, ground support structures an

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    StageMaster MB4 Winch

    BY : Verlinde In : Motors

    The MA and MB winches are supplied, in their standard versions, with a galvanized steel frame. Optionally, certain MB-types winches are available with stainless steel frames (MB2 Stl. St 650 kg and MB4 stL. St. 1000 kg).

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    BY : Kinesys In : Motors

    DigiHoist offers digital communications, limit monitoring, load and position feedback and group halt functionality in a compact package. At the core of the system is a digital communications link that enables multiple units to be daisy chained together. T

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    BY : Desisti In : Motors

    The TELESCOPE complies with all safety standards set forth by the Internationally recognized testing authorities, is approved by TÜV to the German Standards DIN 15560 part 46, and by UL laboratories. The TELESCOPE is factory pre-configured for different e

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    SR2 250kg Hoist

    BY : Verlinde In : Motors

    STAGEMAKER SR is marketed in two models, SR2 for loads of up to 250kg, and SR5 for loads of up to 500kg, each available with hoist speeds of 4m/min, 8m/mim or 16m/min. The two models are marketed in versions A and B. The version A refers to motors with di

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    $2,974.00 $2,974.00

    Liftket elevation1+ Converted

    BY : Kinesys In : Motors

    Variable speed Liftket, Kinesys converted to be used with elevation1+ control system Kinesys converted Liftket combines the lifting mechanism design of a Liftket chain hoist, with the Kinesys elevation1+ control for variable speed chain hoist. All Kinesys

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    $11,500.00 $11,500.00

    LoadGuard – Standard Rigging Electric Chain Hoists to BGV D8

    BY : LTM In : Motors

    • Modern design, manufacturing and assembly • Modular unit meets all current hoisting regulations for standard rigging hoists to BGV D8 and FEM 9.751 standards, optional extra features allow the hoist to conform to current and future higher integrity stan

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    $1,850.00 $1,850.00

    Donati Hoist

    During the last two decades Clayton have supplied hundreds of Donati hoists and end carriages, motor drive units on their overhead cranes, jib cranes and runway beam systems. We can supply spares and replacement hoists for all the equipment we have suppli

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    Series 653 Ratchet Lever Hoist

    As part of our commitment to bring best-in-class products to market, we are continuously looking to improve existing products. Introducing our popular CM Series 653 ratchet lever hoist redesigned with a shorter handle. This modest modification makes a wor

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    $245.00 $245.00

    Cell Mate Load Cell Systems

    BY : Motion Labs In : Motors

    Lifting loads using multiple points requires rigorous calculations to ensure the safety of the structure you are attached to, the integrity of the structure you are lifting, and the safety of the personnel and equipment involved in the lift. As the liftin

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    $350.00 $8,500.00

    Portable Power Winches

    BY : Thern Inc In : Motors

    Move up to 2000 lb with confidence using a portable power winch from Thern. Constructed of cast aluminum, these lightweight winches are designed to deliver the muscle where and when you need it – on the construction site, in the mines, at the wastewater t

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    Hoist Controller (pickle)

    In : Motors

    When your hoists are safely rigged and you’re ready to turn the power on, trust in CM’s Control Stations. Known in the industry as a “pickle”, the CM Control Station is an ergonomic and user-friendly controller for hoist operation. Domestically made by Co

    $74.00 $74.00