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    SR40 Roof System

    The Saddle Roofs are designed to be set up on single steel bases which can be connected with a compression beam which reduces the ballast requirements or can be set up with integrated bases (ballast safes) in any kind of steel scaffolding stage. The top c

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    $244,127.81 $244,127.81

    Geodesic Dome Roof System

    Geodesic Dome Roof System. See individual listings for item specific details.

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    $81,411.04 $81,411.04

    Pacific Dome 27m (90ft)

    A grand partial-spherical white event tent based on the geodesic principles provides unique temporary venue for your occasion. Great visibility and memorability creates unforgettable experience for the audience from the outside as well as from the inside.

    $35,499.00 $35,499.00

    End-plated – Reliable & Modular Solution Roof System

    LITEC has always been a forerunner in the search for safe and high-performance roof systems. Reliability and strength of end-plated trusses Easy to assemble and modular Use as many standard production parts as possible Particularly recommended both for t

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    $26,295.29 $26,295.29

    MyT Folding Steroid Roof System

    A modular, self-contained roof environment that’s a hybrid of folding aluminium mother grid truss sections, 85 x 85 cm aluminium towers and key structural elements in steel like, modular ballast bases, sleeve block and safety block. The one-of-a-kind MyT

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    Mobile Performer Stage; Model 3200 Series

    Tri-Height Stage   Mobile Stage with Three Height Options, Endless Versatility SICO® Tri-Height Mobile Stage units conveniently adjust in 6" or 8" increments and in two or three heights for maximum built-in flexibility. You can set up a single

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    $500.00 $699.00

    PR10 Pitch Roof

    The Pitch Roofs are designed to be integrated in any kind of steel scaffolding stage. The wall keders can be hooked on the side of the scaffolding stage and have a double slit canopy so the lower part can be pulled up for maximum entrance space. This roof

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    $313,574.50 $725,000.00

    Complete Stage Ground Support System

    Find various Mega Stage Complete Stage Ground Support Systems here. See individual listings for details.

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    CT-8 Camera Tower

    CT8 is MEGA-STAGE's utility camera tower.Easy to transport and assemble. CT towers are available in a broad range of heights (1 meter increments).

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    $2,499.00 $2,499.00


    This VIP booth is designed to go over the mix position, on the 1st floor, and to create a VIP terrace on the 2nd floor. It is rated to code. Secured staircase is provided to access the structure from the back.

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    $19,000.00 $19,000.00

    Retractable FOH Booth

    This is the ideal cover for large front of house mix position. The tent is installed on a levelled Deck TO/GO modular decking system or directly on a levelled ground. The track system allows the tent to travel from front to back in few seconds. You can ma

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    $7,500.00 $7,500.00

    70 x 52 Ground Support

    Roof size: 70' wide by 52' deep.  Trip is 41' deck to low steel (27''X27'' aluminium columns). Rigging capacity of 40, 000 lbs. (aluminium)

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    Stage Deck ES

    The new Stage Deck ES is designed to be combined with both – aluminium legs or telescopic and TRANSOM BS-LT for scaffolding systems. It is even more versatile than the previous models, providing possibilities to add more accessories to your stage. New edg

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    $5,450.00 $6,800.00

    Complete Stage

    Find various Staging Concepts Complete Stages here. See individual listings for details.

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    Complete Stage Package

    Complete Stage Package from Custom Design Inc. See individual listings for details.

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    $39,507.00 $39,507.00

    53’x40′ Hydraulic Stage

    One of the original hydraulic stages. Playing area is 53' wide x 40' deep and has an adjustable height of 5'-6" to 8' and can accommodate an moderately unlevel surface.

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    $44,444.00 $44,444.00

    LT Roof

    The LT Roof is a tower-based structure with a pitched roof. Although the roof pitch is designed differently than the MPT or ST Roof Systems, it can be constructed just as easily as all ProlyteStructures Roof Systems. The LT Roof has a standard cantilever

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    $190,000.00 $190,000.00


    IntelliStage - The most compact, portable and customizable staging in the world.

    Intellistage Basic Stage Kits Intellistage is available in pre-packaged basic stage kits. These kits include platforms, risers, and all the necessary hardware for putting

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    Roof Systems

    Universal Truss offers an extensive line of standard roof systems for use both indoors and out. Custom roof systems are also a specialty of Universal Truss and can help set your business apart from the rest! See individual listings for details on Roof Sys

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    $26,269.26 $26,269.26

    MK-4 Basic Stage

    General Specifications Welding Standards Steel conforms CSA-W59 Aluminium to CSA-W59.2 and W47.2 Height:13'-6" Nominal gross vehicle weight: 39 022 lbs

    Overall Dimensions Depth: 16,09 m or 52’-9 1/2” Width:43,05 m or 141’-3” with sound wings Heigh

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