UHF UA845 Antenna Distribution System

    BY : Shure In : Wireless

    The Shure Model UA845 is an amplified, UHF Antenna Distribution System that expands a wireless microphone system by splitting one pair of antennas to multiple Shure UR4 or Shure UC4 wireless receivers. It also amplifies RF signals to compensate for insert

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    SBM910 Charging Module

    BY : Shure In : Wireless

    Shure SBM910 Charging Module

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    freePORT Wireless System

    BY : Sennheiser In : Wireless

    This simple yet high-quality Sennheiser freePORT Wireless Vocal Set features 4 switchable frequencies, making it ideal for groups. Equipped with Sennheiser's roadworthy housing; a dynamic processor that produces a bright, natural sound; diversity technolo

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    Diversity Fin

    BY : RF Venue In : Wireless

    The patented Diversity Fin is a multi-purpose antenna for wireless microphones that reduces dropouts using a cross-polarized, hybrid design. It combines one LPDA and one dipole antenna in an orthogonal (right angle) configuration. One element captures ver

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    ULX1 Bodypack Transmitter

    BY : Shure In : Wireless

    The ULX1 Bodypack Transmitter has a number of uses with ULX Professional systems from Shure, including Lavalier, Headworn, Guitar/Bass, Instrument, and system Combos.  The low-profile, highly durable body-pack ULX1 has all the characteristics to meet the

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    ULXS4 Standard Diversity Receiver

    BY : Shure In : Wireless

    The Shure ULX Standard receiver offers an exceptional value in both performance and price, for both working musicians and sound installers. The feature set of the versatile ULXS4 receiver offers a direct path to full, clear audio signals, unencumbered and

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    UA8 ½ Wave Dipole Antenna

    BY : Shure In : Wireless

    UA8 1/2 wave dipole antenna offers 45-degree positioning related to the horizontal or vertical position for more flexibility for better RF reception. Compatible with Axient, UHF-R, ULX-D, ULX, SLX and BLX4R receivers and PSM1000 and PSM900 transmitters (f

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    QLXD24/B87A Wireless System with QLXD2/BETA87A Handheld Transmitter

    BY : Shure In : Wireless

    Shure QLXD24/B87A Wireless System with QLXD2/BETA87A Handheld Transmitter.  QLX-D delivers outstanding wireless functionality ideal for mid-size events and installations in businesses, hotels, and government offices with conferencing spaces; schools, hous

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    PM1 Personal In-Ear Monitor Belt-Pack

    BY : Behringer In : Wireless

    Whether you’re a keyboardist, drummer, or any other musician whose performance keeps them anchored in one spot, the PM1 was designed specifically for you. A convenient hardwired personal in-ear control center, the PM1’s belt pack puts monitor control righ

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    Wireless System

    Find various Wireless Systems here.  See individual listings for item specific details.

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    System 10 PRO Rack-Mount Digital Wireless System

    Audio-Technica’s System 10 PRO Rack-Mount digital wireless system provides the same interference-free operation in the 2.4 GHz range (outside TV bands) as the original System 10 wireless system but with expanded features and versatility. The durable half-

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    ECD Series Wireless System

    The ECD Series is a dual channel wireless system. The ECD features 2 internal antennas (1 for each receiver), 16 selectable channels on each receiver, and IR Sync from receiver to transmitter. The ECD has one ¼" output on the back of the unit. The ou

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    HSD-UBG Unidirectional Dual Ear Hook Headset Microphone

    The microphone works great with many wireless transmitters available. Detachable cables are available to use the HSD with transmitters made by Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Audio Technica, Galaxy Audio. Plus we can also wire the HSD to work with nearly every ot

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    PG4 M7 Diversity Receiver

    BY : Shure In : Wireless

    The Shure PG4-M7 is a UHF diversity receiver for the Performance Gear series wireless microphone transmitters. The table-top or rack-mounted unit features 1/4" phone and XLR outputs for complete compatibility with any amplifier or recording device. T

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    D-Fi Rx 2.4

    BY : Chauvet DJ In : Wireless

    D-Fi Rx 2.4 is the latest addition to the D-Fi family of easy to use, wireless DMX units. The super-compact Rx model acts solely as a receiver for any product that transmits the D-Fi 2.4GHz signal including: D-Fi Tx 2.4, D-Fi 2.4GHz and Freedom Series. Fo

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    CLA3 1/2 Wave Colinear Antenna

    BY : Telex In : Wireless

    Telex CLA-3 1/2 Wave Colinear Antenna.

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    AS-1000R Wireless Bodypack Receiver

    The AS-1000R from Galaxy Audio is a wireless bodypack receiver for applications such as live stage performances or transmitting an audio signal to a recording device such as a video camera. The AS-1000R offers up to 64 selectable frequencies for interfere

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    AB2 Antenna Signal Booster

    BY : Sennheiser In : Wireless

    The Sennheiser AB2 is a compact in-line device designed to restore radio frequency (RF) signal gain loss due to long antenna cable runs or multiple receiver use via an ASP 2 antenna splitter. The AB2 provides an additional 10dB gain to improve signal stre

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    Pro Series 3 VHF Wireless Systems

    Pro Series 3 systems provide rock-solid performance, easy operation and clear sound quality. Available in handheld, headworn, guitar, lavalier and body-pack configurations, the Pro Series 3 Wireless Systems are single-channel, fixed-frequency systems avai

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    AirLine Micro Earset Wireless System

    BY : Samson In : Wireless

    The AirLine Micro Earset Wireless System is a breakthrough that utilizes the latest in lithium ion battery technology and small, high-quality audio and RF components to bring performance freedom and convenience to a new level. The result is not only our s

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