Wireless Communication Systems

    RS703 2-Channel Beltpack

    RS-703 2-Channel Beltpack with XLR-3 Connector Visual LED indicators on top of keypad Tactile buttons for Call and Talk Recessed rotary controls for Volume with end stops Concealed, programmable DIP switches XLR-3 line connectors with 2-channel connectiv

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    BP200 2.4GHz Wireless Beltpack

    Clearcom BP200 2.4GHz Wireless Beltpack  Two-channel operation 2.4GHz license-free operation Beltpack mic gain and side tone control Selectable PTT or latching button modes ISO restrict mode Separate IC and ISO buttons Internal antennas Voice prompts Up

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    UltraLITE UL4D System

    UltraLITE UL4D System PERFORMANCE FEATURES - Communication for 4 Users - 4 UltraLITE Double Headsets - Headsets' Mic Boom Swivels 270º, Wear on Left or Right - Includes 8-Port Charging Station, Case

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    GA4 Rack Mount Kit

    Rackmount Set for the evolution wireless D1 EM stationary receiver.

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    FreeSpeak II Wireless Intercom

    FreeSpeak II is the next generation distributed wireless solution that operates in multiple world-wide license-free frequency bands: 1.897-1.933GHz and 2.4GHz. This high performance wireless intercom system is designed for extensive communication in large

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    MTH300 Handheld Wireless Professional Transmitter

    MTH300 is a handheld transmitter especially designed for professional wireless microphone applications. It is very easy and quick to use thanks to OLED display and 1 joggle selector and 4 buttons for straight setup of gain and channel. MTH300 benefits als

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    ATW2110 UniPak Body Pack Wireless System

    The ATW-2110 system gives you access to 10 different channels within the UHF spectrum, so you can always find a clear path through the air. Even better, this system is frequency-agile. At the touch of a button, the receiver scans for the cleanest channel

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    UF-2064MH Wireless Handheld & Headmic System

    This easy to use wireless package comes complete with UF-receiver, 64 band UHF synthesizer with super high sensitivity with extremely low noise transmission & reception. Gemini Sound Products is proud to present the newest line of the UF series, profe

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    TVD/PG58 Wireless Handheld Microphone System

     A popular, affordable and easy-to-use way to go VHF wireless. Cost-effective diversity and single-antenna receivers ensure consistent reception.

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    VR12N1 Wireless System

    Going wireless has never been more affordable. The ProStar VHF wireless systems are built around the VR12 receiver. It’s rugged, reliable and made to the most exacting standards in the industry. The VR12N1 system features the VR12 receiver and a VH12N1 dy

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    TPS The Presenter Single-Antenna Lavalier System

    The Shure TPS The Presenter Single-Antenna Lavalier System is a compact, reliable package that comes through loud and clear in almost any application. Delivers crisp, clear sound. Battery-saver design provides up to 18 hours of battery life. LED indicator

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    U81 OCTAVO 8-Channel UHF Wireless System

    U-81 OCTAVO 8-Channel UHF Wireless System Eight independent single-channel UHF wireless receivers in a single housing for simultaneous operation of up to 8 transmitters. Features: Operates on select UHF frequencies Eight independent single-channel UHF wi

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    ew365G2 Wireless Microphone System

    The ew 365 G2 RF wireless system has been designed for professional stage use, setting new standards both in quality and sound. It includes the EM 300 G2 rack-mount receiver and the SKM 365 G2 handheld transmitter with a super-cardioid condenser microphon

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    ew345G2 Wireless Microphone System

    The Sennheiser ew345G2 wireless system combines the evolution series EM 300 G2 rackmount receiver with the SKM 300 G2 hand-held transmitter, and the MD 845 dynamic supercardioid microphone module. Includes an MZQ 1 microphone clip, GA 2 rackmount adapter,

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    ew312G2 Wireless Microphone System

    This system is ideal for theater and presentation use. The ME 2 clip-on microphone is virtually invisible. The extremely small SK 300 G2 bodypack transmitter and the EM 300 G2 rack-mount receiver feature nine frequency banks with eight directly accessible

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    ew372G2 Instrument Wireless System

    If you're using several wireless systems on the same stage, the ew372 system is definitely what you need. Every frequency you use cancels out lots of frequencies up and down the spectrum, so your choices narrow quickly. This system solves the problem with

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    1200 Series True Diversity VHF Wireless Systems

    Known for outstanding audio quality and reliable performance, this professional wireless system includes a True Diversity VHF receiver and either a body-pack or handheld transmitter on a specific crystal-controlled frequency. Two antennas feed two complet

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    FMR-70 VHF Wireless Microphone System

    FMR-70 VHF Wireless Microphone System General Features: Computer matched IF filters for maximum filtering and audio quality. Posi-Squelch Auto Suppression system featuring a true noise squelch for optimum system quieting. Patented Posi-Phase-Auto-Diversi

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    UC Wireless System

    The flexibility and performance of professional-quality UHF wireless, specifically designed for houses of worship, trade shows, schools, businesses and club installations. Available at a moderate price, UC systems can be configured with handheld, lavalier

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    ew165G2 Wireless Microphone System

    The excellent feedback rejection and wide dynamic range of the SKM 165 (condenser, super-cardioid) make this system ideal for live stage work. The SKM 165 G2 handheld transmitter with an electret condenser capsule as well as the EM 100 G2 rack-mount recei

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