Wired Communication Systems

    HelixNet Digital Network Partyline Intercom System

    For group intercommunication with a digital experience, HelixNet offers the simplicity of partyline communication, digital audio clarity and ease of deployment on a facility’s standard IT network infrastructure via an Ethernet/LAN connection. The standard

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    L-COM Wifi Antennas Package

    WiFi antenna and wireless antenna products from L-com are available in 400 MHz to 5.8 GHz frequencies to address many wireless LAN applications including WISP, SCADA, RFID, public hotspot, WiMAX, ISM,UNII, public safety, cellular, LTE, PCS services, and m

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    CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System

    The CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System offers new design features and extra functions, including a patent-pending “Possible-To-Speak” indication. Designed and developed by Bosch experts in Europe, the system makes it easy to manage meetings and lets users re

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    CCS 800 Ultro Discussion System

    The CCS 800 Ultro Discussion system from Bosch brings order and convenience to small and middle-sized gatherings and conferences – the easy way. This versatile and economical system is both simple to install and extremely straightforward to use. It has al

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    CDS 4000 Conference Discussion System

    The CDS 4000 series is a versatile conference discussion system. Regardless of the size of the conference DIS offers a system that will enhance the meeting with superior audio quality, a strong mechanical construction and a well-designed, elegant state of

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    Performer 32/16 Intercom Matrix

    Performer 32 is a powerful and cost-effective digital intercom Matrix/Stage Management system, which is aligned for the requirements of opera houses, theaters as well as sports- and cultural events. The system is based on a modular concept and can be adap

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    Conference Microphone System

    Find various Philips Conference Systems here. See individual listings for details

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    HS16 Single-Muff headset with Directional Microphone

    HS16 is a single-muff, lightweight headset with directional microphone.

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    BP111 Beltpack Headset System

    The operator has a headphone volume control, mic on-off switch, and a signal light/switch for attracting the attention of other users on the same circuit. A pre-set adjustment is provided for the level of the user's voice in his own headphone (sidetone) A

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    IC-1/IC-1F Single-Line Intercom Stations

    The IC-1 and IC-1F are single-channel, single-line intercom stations designed for use with dynamic headsets. The IC-1 is a compact, lightweight unit which may be worn on the user's belt, or mounted permanently to other equipment. Parallel-wired male and f

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    Express 200 True HD Video Communications System

    LifeSize® Express 200 is a feature-packed, True HD video communications system that allows even more flexibility than ever before. Ideal for small working groups, teams or individual knowledge workers who want to take communication over distance to the ne

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    PB-32B Patch Bay

    Tascam PB-32B patch bay. 1/4" jacks on each side.

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    RM440 4 Channel Remote Station

    The 440 series is Clear-Com’s most advanced party-line intercom system. Each station is a four-channel intercom with superior audio and versatile channel access to provide unmatched communication flexibility. All front-panel controls are intuitive and eas

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    WM2000 Dual-Channel Wall Mount Intercom System

    RTS WM-2000 Dual-Channel Wall Mount Intercom System.

    Channel Select Switch Used to switch between intercom channels one and two. The switch lights green for channel one and red for channel two.

    Intercom Listen Key Both momentary (push-to-listen) an

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    IP-2002 Telephone IP Based Console

    IP-2002 Telephone IP Based Console • Call history – Up to last 50 incoming calls displayed. • Autodial from history list and phone list. • Caller ID (Phone, iDEN, MDC, FleetSync, TETRA and 5-tone). • IDEN Support – Full support of NI-223 features, includi

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    LBB 3530/50 Delegate Discussion Unit

    LBB 3530/50 Delegate Discussion Unit • Microphone with extra-long, flexible stem • Compact, attractive delegate discussion unit • Built-in loudspeaker • Two headphone sockets The LBB 3530/50 is stylistically and functionally identical to the LBB 3530/00 s

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