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    Professional Series PS-S63T Surface-Mount Speaker

    Sonance Professional Series PS-S63T Surface-Mount Speaker features the Patented FastMount bracket and front cable connection to speed up the installation process and provide a clean appearance.  The IPX4 rated construction features a weatherproof high-impact, extreme temperature resistant cabinet and corrosion-proof powder coated aluminum grille, lending itself perfectly in both indoor and outdoor applications.  A high-excursion […]

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    CMS 803DC Q Full Range Ceiling Loudspeaker

    The CMS 803DC Q is a full bandwidth 360-Watt high sensitivity loudspeaker that utilises our third generation Ceiling Monitor System technology (CMS 3.0). The “Q” variant of CMS 803DC is specifically designed for high-ceiling applications, incorporating an extended waveguide design with a tight, uniform 70-degree conical dispersion pattern. Thanks to an all-new proprietary 8″ Dual […]

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    Fifty Line Speaker System

    Fifty Line, is a flexible and compact PA system with three main components. The FL10 passive high frequency speaker, equipped with a horn loaded 10″ woofer and a B&C 1″ pressure driver (coaxially mounted). dB has used its long history and experience in plastics to develop this horn and this is reflected in the weight, […]

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    V10P Loudspeaker

    The 3-way passive V10P loudspeaker features two 10“ drivers in a dipole arrangement with a horn loaded 8“ MF driver and a 1.4“ compression driver mounted onto a rotatable CD horn. The innovative horn design for the centrally mounted 8“ MF driver produces a remarkable sensitivity resulting in an exceptional performance in the vocal range. […]

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    Vi7P Loudspeaker

    The installation specific 3-way passive Vi7P loudspeaker features two 10“ drivers in a dipole arrangement with a horn loaded 8“ MF driver and a 1.4“ compression driver mounted onto a rotatable CD horn. The innovative horn design for the centrally mounted 8“ MF driver produces a remarkable sensitivity resulting in an exceptional performance in the […]

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    WT3 Arrayable 3-way Compact Theatre Enclosure

    An exceptionally efficient, high power full-range system achieving true three-way full frequency performance from an enclosure just 28″ in height. This innovative system brings superb sound reproduction to the largest auditoria. The powerful 15″ (380mm) low-frequency driver with innovative heat exchange system is complemented by mid-range and high frequencies generated by sophisticated compound mid-high horn […]

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    LM 8-2 Speaker

    The top-cabinet LM 8-2 is equipped with an 8-inch woofer and a powerful horn-driver combination. Perfect for smaller sound reinforcement purposes, it can also be used without a sub woofer making it a stand-alone full-range system. Also, the enclosure is slanted on one side, which allows the cabinet to be used as a monitor speaker. […]

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    XT-33 Passive Loudspeaker

    The XT-33 is a powerful passive loudspeaker for mobile use. Like all tops in the X series, it delivers first-class sound as a fullrange speaker, stage monitor, nearfill or in a system with Fohhn subwoofers. The sturdy enclosure, made of multiplex birch plywood with durable paintwork, is designed for tough days on the road. Main […]

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    EMS121 Loudspeaker

    The EMS-121 has been designed to function in any situation ranging from ‘stand alone’ to small clusters with low frequency support i.e. for theatre/AV work. Careful driver design and enclosure venting provides a useful amount of low frequency information

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    EMS159 Two-way Passive Loudspeaker

    EMS-159 Two-way passive, reflex loaded fullrange loudspeaker. EM Acoustics set out to create the finest two-way medium format loudspeakers possible, and the result is the EMS-159. Utilising our latest passive crossover topologies, and the utmost in drive

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    AC28 Series Compact 2-way Loudspeaker

    Compact 2-way Loudspeaker with 2 x 8” LF High output, 2-way loudspeaker systems combining flexibility with high fidelity.  The AC28/26 is a compact full-range loudspeaker system designed to provide maximum bandwidth and SPL in a single system package and

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    SM84 Stage Monitor

    FEATURES High output, two-way stage-monitor system 4x 8-in LF, Vented 1.4-in/75mm Exit Neodymium HF (40° x 90° coverage pattern) Angles up 53° Applications include: Concert Tours Corporate Events Major Televised Events Cathedrals Large HOW’s Live Music

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    CBT4 Tweeter Array

    The CBT4 is a premier member of JBL’s purpose-designed dance club family of products. Designed with aspecific mission in mind: cover the entire dance floor with smooth, clean, and extended high-frequency energy from one central overhead position. The CBT4

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    BlacklineX Series Passive Point Source Loudspeakers & Subs

    The original Blackline Series set the standard for affordable professional loudspeaker systems — becoming synonymous with sound quality and reliability to become the benchmark for live music venues, nightclubs and installations worldwide. Now, with Blackl

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    Blackline F8+ Two-Way Passive System

    The Blackline F8+ is a versatile, two-way passive system designed for applications where high output is required from an ultra-compact enclosure. It features a long-excursion, 8” (200mm) low frequency driver and a 1” (25mm) HF compression driver mounted o

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    TCI53-T Dual 2 Way 5" Full Range Loudspeakers

    The ultra-compact IMPACT TCI53-T is a passive two way surface-mount loudspeaker that is ideally suited for a wide range of installed speech and music applications. With a power handling capacity of 480 Watts, the system consists of dual high excursion 5&q

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    4638 Low Frequency System

    The JBL 4638 low frequency system is designed for cinema use and general reinforcement where smooth power response and accurate reproduction are essential.  The 4638 employs the latest in JBL low frequency transducer technology, offering exceptional perfo

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    X8 Live Monitor Enclosure

    X8 is the ideal live monitor, with the capacity to accurately translate the sonic signature of a large sound system at FOH or in control rooms. The X8 boasts high SPL and extended LF resources in a compact format carrying the pristine L-Acoustics sonic si

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    Tri Motion Three-way bi-amped Sculpted Loudspeaker Array

    Building on the successful acoustic and visual philosophy of the iconic Air Motion, the smaller and even more daring Tri Motion extends those principles further, allowing an even larger audience to savour the Void experience. The Tri Motion satisfies the

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    D10 Ceiling Loudspeaker

    The D10 has a more focused dispersion, higher sensitivity, output and greater LF extension than the smaller models. The high performance D10 is a true coaxial loudspeaker with a real compression driver concentrically arranged so that the upper frequencies

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