DVR250-DT Digital Vintage Reverb

    DVR250-DT is a groundbreaking reverb unit, that brings the iconic EMT 250 Electronic Reverberator to your DAW. With its original fusion of hardware and software features, it captures the amazing sound and unique tactile controls of the world’s first comme

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    BY : TC-Helicon In : Reverbs

    In the studio, top-shelf effects processors enhance your voice, providing the depth, warmth and nuance that makes you the undeniable star of the show. But top-shelf gear comes with a hefty price tag – and typically requires an engineer to get it right; th

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    PCM92 Reverb and Effects Processor

    BY : Lexicon In : Reverbs

    With 4 decades of experience, Lexicon is regarded as the gold standard in digital audio processing. Building on the legendary design of the venerable PCM81 and PCM91, and the breakthrough technology of the PCM96, the PCM92 represents the most advanced rev

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    NR1 Nova Reverb

    The NR-1 Nova Reverb pedal offers you 5 different stereo reverb types ” room, spring, hall, plate and specials ” ranging from the warm vintage sounding Classic Spring to the pristine and stunningly realistic TC Classic Hall. Built upon the legacy and know

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    ProVerb Digital Signal Processor

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    The ART ProVerb establishes  a new milestone in the are of high quality cost effective professional digital reverberation. Packed in a single high rack are 100 presets covering the full range of natural stereo reverberation and a variety of special effect

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    The Alesis QuadraVerb 2 is a digital audio multi-FX processor that has the ability to generate up to 8 separate FX which can be chained together into a single patch.

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    The Alesis Quadraverb is a very flexible and controllable multi-effects unit with EQ, reverb, delay, resonator, flanger, phaser, ring modulation etc. The reason the Quad is such a major part of many studios is due to the MIDI control; 6 selectable realtim

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    Multiverb LT

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    The Multiverb LT may be used in a variety of setups including: mixing consoles with reverb send and return facilities, in the effects loop of an amplifier, and in the tape loop of a home receiver. Self contained in an all steel single high 19" rack m

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    Born from the original Alesis MICROVERB and MICROVERB II, the units that launched the revolution in low cost professional digital reverberation, the MICROVERB III carries on this same tradition of world class performance at a phenomenal price. Using 16 bi

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