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    DLIO-BP Audio System Modular I/O Blanking Plate

     Midas DLIO-BP Audio System Modular I/O Blanking Plate. Audio System Modular I/O blanking plate Compatible with Midas PRO3, PRO6, PRO9, PRO X, DL351 and DL451  DLIO-BP is a blanking plate for use with the I/O expansion slots in MIDAS PRO3, PRO6, PRO9 an

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    L1B 500 Series Modular Blank Plate

    L1B 500 Series Modular Blank Plate.  Single width 500 Series blank plate Protects and covers unused slots of your Midas L6 & L10 Fits most 500 Series rack mount chassis Nothing looks better than a completely loaded LEGEND L10 or L6 500 series chassi

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    Limitimer PRO-2000

    The DSan Limitimer PRO-2000 is an automated timekeeper that controls a remote signal light alerting speakers to the end of allotted time. Limitimer...Keeps time at lectures, forums and legal proceedings. Maintains pace of programs. Builds confidence that

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    DS8000/D Audio Distribution System

    Featuring all new microphone pre-amps designed by Gottelier award winning Alex Cooper, the DS8000 offers many new facilities including a dual redundant power supply*, simple Outside Broadcast “one to many” split switching and 48V “safe“ functions to preve

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    SC-630 Paging Horn Speaker

    The SC-630 is a compact, highly intelligible speaker suited to public address announcement applications. Its external speaker component finished with powder coating, and stainless steel bracket and screws ensure the unit's weatherproof capability.

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    NT 3-1 Switch-Mode Mains Unit

    Plug-in mains unit with country-specific adapter for antenna combiner AC 3 and charger L 2015

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    J-Iso Stereo +4dB to -10dB Converter

    The Radial J-Iso and Pro-Iso are stereo line isolators designed to convert a professional +4dB line level balanced signal to an unbalanced -10dB consumer level device. This enables you to take the balanced output of a mixer and feed a consumer level recor

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    VoiceTone Create Vocal Pedal

    You've worked hard to create a vocal sound that's all your own, but leaving your live sound in the hands of others is hit and miss. Now you can make your sound engineer, your audience and your band smile with high-quality vocal processing that starts at t

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    GENOS 76 Keyboard Workstation

    Genos, the latest flagship Digital Workstation from Yamaha, is an incredibly inspiring songwriting tool as well as a powerful performance and studio instrument. Prolific Nashville songwriter, Ashley Gorley, was asked by Yamaha to spend some time working w

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    ARC-PS Power Supply

    SymNet is a scalable DSP platform configured by SymNet Designer software and made by Symetrix. Installed in Convention Centers, Sports Arenas, Houses of Worship and many other venues throughout the world, consultants, integrators and end-users rely on the

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    ARC-2e Remote Control

    The ARC-2e is a menu-driven remote control for Symetrix DSPs with 24 menus each with up to 16 items used to control multiple basic functions or complex logic-based events including volume, presets, source selection, room combining and more. The 8-characte

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    SoundGrid Extreme Server

    This super-powerful Intel i7-based DSP unit will handle your heaviest mixing sessions, processing up to hundreds of plugins in real time and ultra-low latency. Used on major tours and in pro studios, the SoundGrid Extreme server will let you run as many W

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    MDM Power and Signal Distribution

    MDM products offer convenient power distribution and flexible routing of audio, AC power, and RMS to Meyer Sound loudspeaker systems. The MDM-5000 is a rack-mount unit for quick connection and efficient distribution of AC power, audio signals, and RMS to

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    MDAi CPA Connected PA Microphone Adapter

    With the AKG MDAi CPA Connected PA microphone adapter, all your favorite dynamic vocal mics instantly become part of the HARMAN Connected PA system. Simply attach the device to any input of your Soundcraft Ui24r mixer and then plug-in your dynamic mic and

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    CU700 2 Slot Charging Unit

    The AKG CU700 2 Slot Charging Unit for DMS 700 Wireless System is a charging unit for the DHT700 and DPT700 transmitters. The charger is designed with integrated charging contacts so the battery can be charged without being removed from the transmitter. T

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    MDA4 SHU Adapter Connector

    The MDA4 SHU adapter connector Shure* links every AKG MICROLITE microphone with a Shure* bodypack transmitter with TA4F input.** * Shure is a registered trademark owned by Shure.**Technical data of AKG microphones may vary by using the MDA4 SHU adapter.

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    CST-2120 Transformer Module

    The rack-mountable JBL CST-2120 transformer module provides impedance and voltage matching for the CSA-2120 amplifier to drive 70V and 100V distributed speaker systems.

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    BOB-32 Breakout Box

    The Lexicon BOB-32 breakout box converts up to 32 channels of the BLU link digital audio bus to analog audio. This device is ideal for use with Lexicon’s QuantumLogic Immersion processor (QLI-32). The BOB's outputs are easily configured by six DIP switche

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    Audio Tools Accessories

    Round out your collection of audio tools with these high-quality BSS accessories. See individual listings for item specific details

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    MC-1 Fiber Optic Media Converter

    The MC-1 is a Gigabit Media Converter which provides transport up to 10 km (6.2 miles) using 1310nm single mode fiber cable. In use, an MC-1 will be utilized on each end of a two conductor single mode fiber optic cable deployed between two equipment rack

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